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Radical Faith

keepcalmfaithI have to share this because I received direction 5 minutes ago that I’m blessed, to be a blessing. The manifold grace of God, ministering one to another as you have received.

I’m titling this Radical Faith, but please take heed that this is not a testimony that someone should take out of context. There is a lot of prosperity teachings out there and if this comes across as such, then please let me know so that I may correct. Remember, it is written – James 4:You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures. Basically saying that we do not receive because we ask selfishly.. God is not a genie in a bottle.

At any rate, here is a lesson I have been learning over the past few years.. I pray it blesses you, in Jesus name, amen.

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Faith in the Great I Am

I’ll begin this post by saying that if we are praying, regardless of how we pray, we should never stop. Praying is an act of faith that God hears and will listen. God will meet us where we are at. This is where I am at with my Faith in the Great I Am and I’m sharing for the benefit of others.. glean from it what you will..


Many times, I hear prayers that lack faith in the written word of God. They go like something like this:

“Jesus, please help this person.. they need this and this and that. We pray that you guide the doctor. We pray that you cast this demon out. We pray that you provide for us. We pray that you do this.. We pray that you do that.. We pray that you do it all.. in the name of my unbelief..” – to which I cannot say, “Amen.”

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A Healing Testimony

I had spent a cpl of months in pain because of my right arm.. I couldn’t sleep at night.. All day long, I would shift my shoulder/arm/neck trying to get comfortable. Basically, I had a constant pain, 24/7.. all day, every day for at least 2-3 months. I did what we all do when we need healing – Google search and youtube videos of course! Searching all the ways to heal myself of this thing. According to a nurse friend of mine, I had a pinched nerve in my neck..? Idk.. and I don’t care now. ha. I received much advice for healing: visit a Chiropractor, stretching, posture, take pain meds, etc., but finally 1 day.. I got the needed medicine –

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The Lord will Provide 2

I received this testimony from a good friend. The Lord will provide for all of us.. This is a pretty amazing testimony and I pray it builds your trust and faith in God, the one who provides for all of us..

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. 

Hey everyone, good morning. I’ve got a cool story for you today. Yesterday, while out shopping, I got to be the recipient of a God gifting. What do I mean? Well, I left the house with two $20’s in my pocket and went out to begin picking up some stuff I needed. I know that’s all I had because I’d checked the day before and hadn’t added any money since that time.

But when I went to pay for mom’s meds, which was my first pickup of the day, there were three $20’s in there. So I paid with a $20 and went to my next stop where there were…yes, three $20’s. Same at the next stop too. I even got to give the Salvation Army guy a $20. What’s interesting is I’ve had that happen to me before where money that wasn’t there before just shows up in my wallet. Only God could do something like that.

And no, it wasn’t bad counting or oversight on my part. That money wasn’t there before I started, and it was once I went to pay for the things we needed. So at the end of the day I got to spend $80 and I ended with the same amount in my wallet as I started. Now, anyone who says that God doesn’t provide, or can’t provide, or won’t provide, I believe He’s just proven you wrong. Dead wrong.

So if you needed a reason to trust God unconditionally for anything you *need* (I qualify it as real “needs” because not all we think we “need” are really needs, but are actually just “wants” in disguise. Just FYI) then you just got one. God can and He WILL provide for ALL your needs. He said he will and yesterday was just more proof of that.

I asked him about this further.. He said that he ended the day spending $60, donating $20, and came home with $40 in his pocket still. Every time he went into his wallet, there were 3 $20s in there. Very cool testimony.

Matthew 14:15 When it was evening, His disciples came to Him, saying, “This is a deserted place, and the hour is already late. Send the multitudes away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves food.”

16 But Jesus said to them, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

17 And they said to Him, “We have here only five loaves and two fish.”

18 He said, “Bring them here to Me.” 19 Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes. 20 So they all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments that remained. 21 Now those who had eaten were about five thousand men, besides women and children.

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The Testimony of a Drug Addict Who Could Not Die

This is a really good testimony.. I see many similarities in this story from other movements of God in the lives of others. Enjoy –


My name is Bonnie and this is my story..
I can remember wanting to die since I was eight years old.  In fact, at no point in my entire life up until just a little over a year ago, can I recall when I had ever experienced what it was like to truly want to live. Although I loved God as a little girl, almost everyone in my entire family had battled severe drug-addiction and mental disorders.  I believe I got the worst of them all…
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Testimony of Healing Oliver

Submitted by Shaila D Touchton..

My Testimony for Gods healing and Miracle!

This is a true testimony in my life, after reading my testimony may all the people come to Jesus Christ for healings and miracles.

My Son battled a lot for his life for long days in NICU and Hospital. Every medical report was normal regarding me and my baby Oliver Emmanuel Touchton till the end. I was suppose to deliver the baby on 5th of Dec,2012. But Doctor had a feeling that I should do my c section on 27.11.2012 because I had a huge belly and it was very difficult to carry myself and walk and do any work. On 26.11.12 at 12 pm Doctor told me to do final scan before c section. When I did, the Doctor told me to go immediately to do emergency c section. So we went immediately, and the baby boy by name Oliver Emmanuel Touchton was delivered on 26.11.2012,at 4.15 pm Indian time by LSCS.

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Top 10 ways to Hide Sin like a Pro

There seems to be some common efforts to remain hidden by people who have sin, but can’t admit to it. I put together this list of some common features that are experienced with unbelievers, atheists, prideful souls, etc.

Top 10 ways to hide sin like a PRO –

1: Place all responsibility on someone/something else
2: Avoid any direct topic by creating side paths of discussions
3: Try to guilt/shame the speaker by saying you are shocked, hurt, saddened, etc.
4: Use biblical stories/verses literally/out of context
5: Use emotions generously
6: Dodge-n-weave constantly. In and out, in and out.
7: Always use, “The bible cannot be trusted. It has been re-written so many times.”
8: Warning: If using bible verses, be certain to use Old Testament only
9. If you get close to being revealed, raise voice with, “Who are you to judge!?!”
10: When all else fails, resort to name calling, outbursts of anger, threats, etc.

Bonus tip!
Never ever be alone with the speaker. Quickly glance at your surroundings and be certain you are in an environment whereas like-minded individuals will back you up/rescue you if you get close to being revealed..

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