A Healing Testimony

I had spent a cpl of months in pain because of my right arm.. I couldn’t sleep at night.. All day long, I would shift my shoulder/arm/neck trying to get comfortable. Basically, I had a constant pain, 24/7.. all day, every day for at least 2-3 months. I did what we all do when we need healing – Google search and youtube videos of course! Searching all the ways to heal myself of this thing. According to a nurse friend of mine, I had a pinched nerve in my neck..? Idk.. and I don’t care now. ha. I received much advice for healing: visit a Chiropractor, stretching, posture, take pain meds, etc., but finally 1 day.. I got the needed medicine –

One day at church while trying to quiet myself in order to pray, meditate.. The pain got pretty intense. I was there in the pew trying neck exercises that I learned from youtube (which I have been doing for 1-2 weeks). Nothing.. just a pure burning pain down my arm (from my shoulder to the back of my fingers). As I struggled, I felt the Lord speak to my heart.. “You have done all the reading, tried all the ways of the world.. but you do not pray for healing?” So, I confessed my unbelief.. my ‘faith in the ways of men’, and then prayed. This reminder helped me shift my faith.. Shifted from faith in the wisdom of this world to faith in God’s promises. I began to meditate on God’s Word.. His promises.. and speak them within my soul. I began to give thanks to God for healing me. Seeing the promises afar off.. on the horizon.. coming.. my inheritance.

In the pew, the pain got even more intense.. As I was about to make an attempt to lessen the pain by shifting my shoulder, swinging my arm, doing neck stretches, etc.. I heard, “O ye of little faith.” Sheesh.. double mindedness. “Faith without works is dead..” Quite amazing how I can speak agreement with God’s promises, but walk contrary. “You’ll know a tree by its fruit.” I believed, but I walked in the ways of man. I confessed/repented of this unbelief in my heart. “Lord, I believe.. help me with my unbelief.” As I meditated on the Lord’s promises as Healer, focused my faith on Him vs this fake faith in the pain/ways of natural man.. the pain became something that was not part of me. It was an outside source.. foreign to my body. The best way to say this is that during the meditation, I saw the pain as a foreign separate entity. It was not my arm, it was not my shoulder, etc. It was simply pain.. an object. And it didn’t belong..

As I believed in my heart.. the reality of God set in. I then spoke to the pain for what it is – “You are trying to deceive me from the promises from my Father.. You are under Him. You may be piercing my flesh now, but in reality, you are already gone. You are defeated in the name of Jesus. My healing is here.. It’s on its way.. You’re on your way out.” I grabbed a hold of His promises in my soul.. I believed, not with quick head knowledge and then moving on.. I.e. lip service, “God is Healer..” but continue acting out in unbelief. Instead.. I walked in it internally.. Then externally by not trying all different things for healing based from the wits of men. I surrendered my limitation as a man to heal myself, giving the glory to God. His promises, which were not yet seen, became seen.. they became real. I grabbed a hold of His promises as if they were in the here and now.. The physical experience became a servant to the promises of God..

So, as I was there in the pew.. rebuking the pain as a deception/distraction from the promises of God.. As I truly ‘believed’ and truly had ‘faith’ (All that was within me, all of my heart, all of my strength, all of my soul, all of my mind grabbed a hold of the promises into a new reality)… Boink. It vanished. Gone. In that exact moment of radical faith, it was completely gone.

Some may think, “Happenstance.. Coincidence.. The neck exercises eventually took hold. It was already going away.. it was just good timing.” Sure, I could put my faith into the words of men if it happened once or twice in a lifetime. But, when God’s promises are believed to the pont where we truly walk in it.. I have yet to see His promises fail. Not 1 time. 100% of the time, He is faithful to His Word. God’s Word is what my faith is in, not man’s. God will do what He says He will do, as long as I do my part. Confess.. repent.. believe in my heart to the point where He is my reality… contrary to the physical.

There is a definite difference between believing with emotional belief and/or believing with head knowledge versus believing with all of our heart, all of our mind, all of our soul, all of our strength.. to the point where God’s promises are more of a reality than the physical experiences. We’ll know this because we literally walk in it. It’s radical. We’ll be considered crazy, fanatical, etc. But…. it’s biblical.

In this environment, I’ve even had people in the church look at me weird.. “Um, ok… ” and look at me with deer in the headlight type looks. “But but.. tell us about your sickness so that we can pray..” – No.. no… I will tell you about my healing on the horizon, so that we can glorify God! God’s blessings are already given.. faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.. Although not seeing them currently, trusting they are there. Glorifying God.. being thankful because it is true, it is present, it is there, although we may not see it. We may not see it immediately, but we keep walking in it.. no matter what the body or doctors say. This type of faith is not for the weak, it is dangerous if you do not have faith. I would never tell someone to not visit a doctor.. I would tell people to pray and see what God says as a doctor may definitely be necessary.

I’m to a point where my reality has changed. He is Healer.. not, “He will be healer if I pray perfectly enough.. ” – No, He is Healer.. He wills to heal. He has healed, will heal, and will continue to heal. It’s my lack of faith that blocks blessings from God. Blessing that He joyfully is already pouring out upon us.. but sin, unbelief, etc. will stop the manifestations. It’s like having 2 bank accounts. 1 is of the world and empty.. 1 is filled by God. We can either go to the account and accept it (action, then we’ll “see”)… Or, we can go to the empty account and talk about it all day long. Then pray to God.. “Give me something to put into my account!” – Although it’s already there… “ye of little faith.”

It’s like, we want to see first.. then we’ll believe. But it doesn’t work like that.. Faith without works is dead. It’s impossible to please God without faith. We always want a sign, then we’ll believe. — That’s the way for unbelievers. Jesus performed many miracles, and then they believed. But for professing believers, we have to understand that “believing” is not the end all/be all. It is the beginning of an abundant life in Christ. Joint-heirs, a Royal Priesthood, a peculiar people.. Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. If you believe, TAKE YOUR INHERITANCE. It is yours, promised by your Father in heaven.. Here and now. Heaven on earth. amen.

Whenever I have said I believed, had a flash of emotion towards God’s promises, but then acted contrary.. I’ve seen failures. But when all internal/external lines up whereas the fruit of our tree lines up with what we say.. He fails not. So… sure, some may make an attempt at debunking God with all their vain philosophies.. with limited wisdom.. and place their faith in themselves/man.. but, the proof is in the pudding. God is God… and He wills to heal all of His people. All of them. So ya.. “..a weird oddity” some may say? I guess it can be viewed like striking the lottery? Well.. I’ve hit the lotto many times.. and I will hit it again, and again. Indeed, I’m rich beyond measure… Praise the Lord.