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Testimony of Hearing from God

Why me? I use to ask God that question all of the time. Why? Why do you bother with me? Why is it that I experience these ‘coincidences’? He repeatedly responded, “Reveal them.”

It’s because He loves His creation, that’s why. He loves me, He loves you.. He loves all of us. Thank you God for this testimony about hearing from you. I pray it goes forth and edifies and encourages the body, in Jesus name. amen –

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Testimony of a Wake Up Call

Thank you Lord for this testimony of a wake up call. I pray it blesses you.

For the past couple of weeks, the furnace was periodically not igniting the electronic pilot light, which caused the exhaust fan to continually run. It would happen around 1-2 times a day. A slight bump on the electronic ignition module would kick it in. I thought it was fixed, but apparently it was not.

As I went to bed Tuesday night, I began to worry about the pilot not lighting in the middle of the night and the exhaust fan burning up because of it continually running. I remember self-talk responding with something like: “Don’t worry, the Lord is with you. He will help you and take care of this” and a sense of peace came over me. Trust..

At 4:27 a.m., I get a wake up call from God. It was a spiritual phone call. I just woke up and immediately felt/heard “check the furnace”. I went to check. As I walk by the thermostat, I notice that the furnace should have just kicked on (temp in the house was 1 degree lower than the thermostat setting), but the furnace didn’t light.

The next day, I was taking a look at it. I knew the Lord was helping me and I felt confident that He had shown me where the problem was at (in the connection from the wiring). I placed a piece of tape to secure the wire in place, and the furnace hasn’t shut off since. Praise the Lord, my God and my Helper. Thank you Lord.

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Standing Against the Spirit of Jezebel

Recently, the Lord has been speaking to me about the spirit of Jezebel. This is a dangerous and wicked spirit that I think we all should familiarize ourselves with. After understanding the characteristics of this spirit, I’m seeing an onslaught going on around me.

On one front, I must confess that this spirit has directly influenced me and I have made poor choices. Also, I can see how this spirit is involved in attempts to influence me through others. So far, I have been influenced, but God Almighty is now teaching me, giving me eyes to see, and words to speak against this wicked spirit of Jezebel. Today, I surrender this over to the King of kings and I begin standing against the spirit of Jezebel, in His name. Amen –

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Betrayal of the Ages

This is from a an awesome video, which I will link to at the bottom. The preacher speaks of a great betrayal of the ages, and it’s called humanism. I have been deceived too on this matter. It’s probably not a stretch to say that quite a few Christians are deceived as well. Please, I urge you brothers and sisters to evaluate this and examine yourself because you very well may be deceived as well. This is very important…

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Testimony of Grandfather’s Last Words

Here is a testimony of Grandfather’s last words that a friend emailed me. Amazing. Praise God –

I have to share a quick story with you. A very close friend just called me to tell me that his wife’s grandfather died. Here’s what he told me:

Her Aunt called the house and said that grandpa was about to pass away, and that if she wanted to say goodbye, it was time. They packed up their 3 kids, and headed into Traverse City (30 min).

They caught every single light green going through town, then they found a parking spot right near the front doors of the hospital. When they hit the elevator button, the doors opened with two seconds. They made it all the way to the seventh floor without having the elevator stop. They walked into the room. (This all happens within a minute): She held her grandfathers hand and said her goodbyes. The family preacher was holding his other hand.

Now, the man suffered a stroke sixteen years ago and has been unable to speak, he only mumbles things that are hardly audible, and rarely at that. He pulls the preacher down to him, says in a perfectly clear voice: “I know the Lord.”, kisses him on the cheek, and died.

My friend–who is much like I was, always answering religion with science–believes that this all happened the way it did so that he could see it and understand that there is a God.

Like you say, Joe: What is coincidence.


1 a : to occupy the same place in space or time b : to occupy exactly corresponding or equivalent positions on a scale or in a series
2 : to correspond in nature, character, or function
3 : to be in accord or agreement

It’s an alignment of the Spiritual realm with the physical. Thank you friend for the testimony. May the Lord be magnified.

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Eating Liver is a Sin

talkin about willis

Yesterday I heard a message from a Pastor and it dawned on me, I hate eating liver. It’s gross and nasty. If all of the liver disappeared from the store shelves for the rest of my life, I think I would crack a smile. I really don’t like it. Did I mention I hate it? Ya, I did. I really dislike it.. a lot.

Eating liver has taken place many times in my life. It looks good when cooked, it smells fantastic, and that all familiar pleasing sound from friends and family, “..but you haven’t tried MY liver, I make a great liver!” It always ended the same, “Eww! Why did I do that?!?”

Now, I’m to the point in life where I won’t even try liver. You can make it look great with the onions, it can fill my nose with that great aroma, and you can tell me how great your recipe is, and I will not try it. Pile bacon on it, bread it, deep fry it, make it Cajun style, and put every spice in the world on it, and you will not deceive me. I just won’t partake in tasting liver again. I learned the lesson of liver and I do not plan to retake the liver test. Do you want to know another thing I hate more than liver? Sin…

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Bible Study on Wine and Grape Juice

I was recently asked by a brother in the Lord “Is it wrong to consume alcohol?” This is a common question in the Body of Christ and after much research, I find division in the Church on this topic. Some say wine is ok and others say that the wine mentioned in the bible is grape juice. While studying what different Churches say on each side of the fence, I find many words of men and little scripture. This results in confusion for seekers of Truth.

My goal on this post is to end this confusion and allow God to speak for Himself. If the reader is seeking out the Truth, then I believe you will find the answer in Him and His Word alone. We must study and see what God says with limited words of man. This means that we must read things in their contextual meanings.

Contextual reading is very important as I will not be posting the full context of every scripture (only a reference point). Many of them, if read alone, will give you a false meaning on this topic. If you are seeking a definitive answer on this topic from me, you won’t get it. I’ll try to keep my opinions limited until the end. I’m merely laying out the facts for you to do a study and hear from God on the matter. Again, I am not laying out an answer, but it is a guide with reference points for further reading so that God may speak to you.

According to my bible software, there are 212 scriptures relating to wine, and wine has approximately 10 different definitions in the bible. Some individual definitions have multiple meanings, and they depend on the context of the scripture. This bible study will show examples of wine and juice, as well as winepressing, grapes, etc. God will speak on this matter only if the seeker of Truth reads in context.

Seeker of Truth: Please prayerfully get prepared before reading. Let us get out of ourselves and our own understandings, then chow down on God’s word here. If we have a predetermined notion and we already have an answer that we want to hear, we may miss God’s Word. We should always let God be the Teacher on matters where there is separation in the Church. The only way to do this is to get out of ourselves and our own ideals, into the Spirit of God, and into His Word. So stand in agreement with me that the Guide guides us and our Teacher teaches us in this bible study on wine and grape juice. In Jesus name, amen.

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