Examining life

Seeking some input here, especially from those that examine life and things around them.  Let us reason together…

During life, I have witnessed myself point fingers in judgment and blame people when things aren’t going well. Even though I still fall prey to the trap at times, a better way has been revealed and I seek to grow in this Truth. I am trying to examine life and break molds that man has formed in me, I hope this discussion can help others as well. The purpose of this discussion is for growth.. To help each other… Examining life.  Again, let us reason together.  In my humble opinion… I think this topic sears the conscious and can cause the very thing that is spoken of to roar up in people. Please prayerfully be watchful while reading this post.

Examples of this examination.. Last night, a truck driver said he was waiting to drop off his load at a company’s loading dock. He said that another truck driver got into an argument w/ security, and now every thing is halted… and 12 truck drivers are backed up.. Another example.. in summary, someone said that when others do stupid things, it causes stress in others.. that the person doing the event is the one who created the stress. Lastly, a great example that all of us hear, almost every day: “He/She makes me so upset..” or “<x> situation stresses me out”.

Here are some already posted comments by myself and others on these things, with a couple of additional ideas added.

stress isn’t an object that other people have that they throw at us.. We don’t have “stress” buttons that people can push. Is not stress self induced and started by making decisions w/ free will to think the way we do towards a situation?

“You’re talking about how situations are handled, Im refering to how a lot of them are created in the first place. No one is so in control of the world around them that they never face stressful situations. What stinks is some people create much more than their share of these moments by simply being ignorant and posessing no self control.”

ah, but these stressful situations that we speak of, how do they come into existence? How are they created as stressful situations? Don’t they only come into existence in our head..? I can’t see those stressful situations that others experience.. where are they? Can I drive some where to go view them?

When these stressful situations arise in my life, I try to turn them upside down, back upright, and say “What is the lesson here?” (reversing what man has taught me to do in the face of them). It’s examining life. Then, I see the stressful situation is now a learning situation, growth.. goodness. I’m successful sometimes, and other times I am not… getting sucked into the old way of things. Thus, I have experienced that we can choose how we view the world. We can’t choose how a situation plays out (how other’s choices are handled), but don’t I have a choice in how I think about a situation and others? Don’t I have a choice in how I feel about it? For me, when I point to others and play the blame game, I have realized that I’m acting as if I no longer have free will to choose how to feel, or view a situation. When I do this, I recognize that self-responsibility has died… and for the most part, I turn a blind eye to the truth for the purpose of justifying my twisted view, my emotions, etc. And in the end… I am solely responsible for putting myself there.. “Oh, but it’s far from me to be wrong (pride), so I MUST make an excuse”. I must blame something else or someone else.

Idk about you, but while examining life, I see that my thoughts create my reality.. If I were in a situation someone calls stressful, I have the potential (not that I would in that situation), but I do have the potential and ability to think unstressful thoughts. I do have the free will to choose to look at these scenarios in a different way, different from the scenarios that society, family, friends, etc taught me that I’m suppose to view that situation. “Heck, everyone around me would get stressed in this situation. It’s what people do, guess I”m suppose to as well!” Seeing that I created stress, via my choice to think the things I think,.. do I not also have the ability to bring upon the opposite in my life – peace – by choosing to set my mind on better things? Something to think about..

Like in the truck driver situation: a driver got in an argument. Security was involved, and now 12 people have to wait. <– Is that situation stressful to you and I who are not involved? What are the facts of things we know to be true? – 2 men had an argument. Doesn’t seem stressful for my life or stress is alive. 12 people are now waiting. Hmm, doesn’t seem stressful in my life or that stress is around. Outside of those involved, who ‘may’ be looking at stress, does the stress exist to the rest of the world? Is not the situation stressful only when someone says it is, via their own view? Is not stress created/brought to the forefront of life by the person who judges/looks at the situation? Help me out here.. Isn’t this truth? Without someone making stress real, the situation is exactly as they explained it – A man started an argument w/ security and 12 people are waiting. Those 12 people ‘may’ be looking at it as stressful. But there very well may be that 1 man amongst the 12 that is saying “Ah well… I needed the rest, I was falling asleep at the wheel.” – Hmm, is the event still a stressful event in this one man’s view? I say no, it is not. That idea is not even in his reality unless someone poisons his mind with it, like a fellow driver – Come, justify my stress: “Man, doesn’t this suck that we have to wait! I got places to be! These idiots are arguing, causing all this havoc..” It spreads like a disease.. Those who didn’t have this mindset and it wasn’t part of their lives can now have it because someone spoke it into their minds/thoughts.. into their reality. Are we duped or what?! It’s a trap! A vacuum to suck the good life out of us! We should always be in a mode of examining life and being watchful.

I felt this was a great summary of this… something I read recently by Franklin Park in a preface of a book. Deep stuff –
Everyone has formed his own philosophy or viewpoint of the values of life, which form the basis of conduct. This concept has been gradually developed as a result of the influences of heredity and environment and the moral choices which have been made. It is a state of mind as to our relative importance in the various relationships of life and is seldom reduced to verbal definition.

It is either according to objective truth and obvious reality, or according to one’s subjective desires and choices. One’s philosophy and life must agree or life would be too disturbing to the conscience. One or the other must be modified. If one insists upon increasing selfish concentrations, the mind must seek to pervert or distort still further the sense of one’s own importance or philosophy of relationships..

Moral beings must always formulate reasons for what they do. An outward act of disobedience is always preceded by a voluntary darkening of the intelligence as to what is acceptable conduct… If we are determined to live unworthily in our moral relations, we must first distort our viewpoint of reality. It is a contest between God’s will and our wills.

This means an elevation as to the importance of our will and a blinding of the mind as to the importance of God’s will – a reversal of supremacy, “me first”. The Apostle Paul was inspired to summarize this tragic revolution in man’s relationship to God. Mankind first began to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Rom 1:18). “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever (Rom 1:25)

Old testament passages had previously indicated this revolt against reality, when Satan asserted “I will” five times and worked up his self-
deception to the point where he declared himself to be Deity: “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;I will make myself like the Most High” (Is14). He had invented a new way of living by … introducing falsehood into the moral universe, declaring that his happiness was more important than that of his Creator – the “me first” life.


See, I think it boils down to this statement: “One’s philosophy and life must agree or life would be too disturbing to the conscience.” In other words, how we act in life, and the words we speak to justify how and why we act that way, these 2 things must agree.. As in, I MUST justify certain ways about my life. I must argue it.. I must fight to protect it at all costs.. even to the point of turning a blind eye to Truth. Why? Because if I did not, life would be too disturbing to the conscious. or, as I like to put it – The man behind the curtain has been revealed. When this man in my life was revealed to me, I saw a very wicked thing going on behind the curtain. So what’s the way that man has taught me to react when a me-first/prideful man is discovered within?? Hide it! lol. I purposefully ignore it, get defensive, get on offensive, and play the game.. It’s called the wizard of oz game. “Do not look behind the curtain, there is no one there. Do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain.” Look over there. Look over here. But do NOT look behind that curtain whatever you do. Because if we do look, what happens?? “life would be too disturbing to the conscious”. So we purposefully ignore it – “Moral beings must always formulate reasons for what they do. An outward act of disobedience is always preceded by a voluntary darkening of the intelligence as to what is acceptable conduct.” Why? So we could seem somewhat sane as we justify our actions and put to death self-responsibility.

These are the things I find while examining life. Am I the only one on the planet that experiences this when I examine and watch the mind/emotions at work? If so, someone shoot me would ya? lol. I know I’m not the only one after talking with friends on the topic.. Those in agreement usually see these things when they put to death the pride and when self-responsibility (humility) is revived. Humility is the key.. When I humbled myuself just enough to say “Hmm, maybe there’s some truth here for me to take a look at”. That’s when the walls of pride started to shake. But when I remained in that “No way, I’m fine.. Who are you to tell me! It’s far from me to be prideful! You’re judging me!” bla bla bla garbage.. when I stayed there, it was pride protecting pride.

It is interesting to see 2 camps on this.. One group is in agreement and another not in agreement on the above-mentioned. What is the truth here? Sorry if this rubs anyone the wrong way, but my opinion is based off of what I have done in life and what still do at times.. I have deceived myself for many years. So here is the revealing of the man behind this man’s curtain: The eyes that are looking at this topic (eyes of self) are the eyes that this topic is referring to, thus it was not seen.. too full of pride to even look. Fear, pain, pride, ego, self, hurt, etc. were all feeding off of one another to keep the wickedness within hidden. I (the self), purposefully, blinded my self (the spirit/soul) to the truth. I was blessed w/ revealing truth through the eyes of the Spirit when I accepted Christ.. and the scales over the eyes were removed. When this truth opened up, we can see how our parents were deceived, their parents were deceived, and their parents were deceived. Remember the lesson of the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve were walking in Truth, Spirit to Spirit with God. They were deceived into doing something that God commanded them to not do. Then, what was their first response afterward? When God asked Adam something like “Why did you eat this?” Did Adam respond with Truth? Did he say – “Because I disobeyed you. Because I, with my freewill, chose my wants and desires first instead of obeying you first?” No, he was involved in the deceptive world and said “The woman made me do it”. Huh! Imagine that! Then God turned to Eve… and asked something like “What is this you have done?” And what did Eve say? Did she speak Truth? – Did she say – “Sorry, I messed up… I was tempted by Satan and I chose wrong. I chose the self first and disobeyed you. I also caused Adam to fall through my actions.” No, she said – “The devil made me do it”. Huh.. The finger pointing.. the blame game had started and self-responsibility and humility suffered.. .which gave life to a me-first mentality. It was the tree of knowledge, of good and evil. They realized they did wrong, and wanted to hide it (they sewed fig leaves to cover themselves.. again, hiding).

Let me ask… If a parent tells a child that they cannot do <x>… and then the child disobeys and does <x>… when the parent finds out, what happens if the child points to someone else and says “They made me do it” or “well, so and so does that all the time, it’s ok”, or “bla bla situation/person is at fault”.. Does the parent say “Oh, ok.. that’s understandable” and walks away? lol. No, of course not. But don’t we disobey moral laws, established by God… and then we justify our actions like kids, as to not look bad (blame others, or other things)? I do! Am I alone? Again, if so.. shoot me. LOL.

The way I see it, as adults, we still do the same things we have done as kids… These things didn’t just vanish from our lives as individuals unless something grand has happened in our lives, like a revelation of Truth in Christ Jesus. It’s like, as an adult, we can do the very things we say kids should not do. But… we’re just better at it now cuz we have no authority figure over us, and we’ll argue it.. play the game. Do kids not obey the correction and move on? They know better than to argue their stance with their parent or to play a game with their parent. When this me-first mentality and this blame game stayed with me as an adult, I had no one to answer to, the authority figure is no longer. Now I could fully argue, justify and protect what I did. Why? Again – “One’s philosophy and life must agree or life would be too disturbing to the conscience”. Pride/me-first is in full force now, no authority figure to stop it. But, do we not still have authority over us, our Creator?

It’s a never ending generational cycle that society continues to feed and find new ways of justifying. Now, it’s to the point that instead of examining life correctly, we got a pill for all of the dilemmas we have. Got stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches or you’re just not feeling well in some fashion… go to the dr.. there’s a pill for it. Has anyone else noticed that we advance with all things, with the exception of self? Even psychology professionals will agree, that as far as advancing our inner self, we haven’t done much advancing. Sure, we have advanced our understandings of these things, but very little advancement in our self. Just another pill…. How can we grow in understanding the human mind, emotions, etc. and not at least grow towards resolution? Does not examining life seem a lot simpler, cheaper, and worth a lot more than figuring out the universe? lol. But man’s answer is in a pill. Hmm, why is that? Maybe we’re fearful of what is found at the controls when we pull back the curtain? Maybe the pride keeps us from looking? “I’m fine! Who are you? You have no authority over me!” Correct, but.. let us not forget He who Created us.

Someone had to stop this madness.. who could? If pride will protect itself, I can’t do it myself. I’m deceptive to myself and the world will deceive me too. No one can help.. Only the Creator can help the creature and only if the creature asks for it. Re-read Franklin Park’s msg above. In my humble opinion, which by the grace of God, I know this is the real reality: There is 1 Pill to be taken as a solution to “see” and “hear” the Truth. Through 1 (Adam) self-responsibility and humility died and pride was born.. and through 1 (Jesus Christ), self-responsibility and humility can be revived and death to pride. It is Christ that helps in the process of examining life. The Holy Spirit.

The sin of Adam and Eve started this me-first mentality/Pride. Their choice brought upon death to humility and death to taking self-responsibility, and many other righteous things. How can we be revived and flipped around to be righted again? Be born again. See avatar? A good hidden msg in there.. Why is everyone feeling sad after seeing the movie? Something to make you think…

I know for a fact that these things exist, through being watchful and examining life, I see a war going on within me. I have talked to others who also see this happening within their own lives. But, there are others who do not see this at all and will fight these things. Why? How is this possible? How can some of us see these things and others fight it? (well, re-read all that stuff above) Is there not one Truth? Are some of us aliens, of a different race and some see this happening in their lives, and the non-aliens do not? lol. Or is their deception at hand? There’s only one way, and one Truth…. God’s answer to this dilemma – another way.. Another choice that can be chosen – Christ. Believe in Him… and the Holy Spirit will give eyes to see these things, and when that happens, we will see a major war going on behind the scenes. Without Him, we have not and will not advance our souls..

Paul speaks about this. Read very carefully Romans 6, 7 and 8. The entire bible is pretty much about this me-first vs God-first moral dilemma, and God’s answer to it.. Jesus Christ.

AT ANY RATE… ’nuff said.. I’m getting worked up, lol. I hate Satan. Thoughts? Am I crazy? I’ll continue in examining life and see where things take me. I feel this is some very serious stuff to come to grips with.