Fully Convinced that God is Real

As recently discussed, over the past few weeks, I have been going through past blog posts to fix some broken links and such. I’m truly amazed by God’s testimonies and lessons. As I examine these entries, all doubt is erased and I’m fully convinced, God is real. The result is that my soul is anguished –

I am fully convinced that the things which we cannot see are more real than the things we can see. Many testimonies in this blog cannot be ignored or passed off as happenstance. These things are merely the tip of an iceberg, and that iceberg is God. God is real.

With this said, my heart gets very heavy for those that may not believe, or for those that say they believe as to “have an opinion on.” When I contemplate the creations of God that question if He is real, that say He does not exist, and/or those that believe in a “higher power”, but do not have a relationship with Him, I have anguish in my heart for these souls. Why? God is real.

Reality of GodI know there are many of God’s creatures that believe and are seeking Him out, Hallelujah! There are many that are in the process that I was in year ago, praise God! My heart is still breaking. I know God works with people just as He did with me. I understand it’s a process of transformation, we’re being saved, made whole, sanctified, etc. I understand all of this, but that doesn’t help the fact that my heart is still breaking. Why? I’m fully convinced that God is real.

What about the other souls that have not heard of God or Jesus Christ? What about those that are fully convinced that He isn’t real? What about those that say they believe in God or a higher power, but never open up the word of God to see what He has to say? What about those that say they are Christians, but their relationship goes no further than the statement coming off their lips? My heart is in anguish because I love these souls. Since I’m fully convinced in something of this magnitude.. my soul cries out. Why? God is real.

Imagine for a moment a friend, family member, or even a stranger who is having difficulties with an object in life. They are in great emotional distress and you offer knowledge, for free, that will assist them. They respond with not wanting help because they can handle it themselves, but we see the struggle continue. Yes, we can have an attitude about it and blow them off. “Sheesh! Can you believe this?! I was giving this person free help, and they refused? O’well, it is their loss!”

Imagine further.. What if we had knowledge that the stress, depression, anxiousness, and high blood pressure from the event was going to cause a heart attack any day? What if we knew that our help would prevent their death but they didn’t believe, didn’t want the help, or they took a prideful offense to the idea that we thought they needed help (feeling belittled). What if we were fully convinced that we could save their life? Would we not be adamant on helping? Take some kind of action? I think we would, because we are fully convinced. For me, I am fully convinced that God is real and Jesus Christ is Lord.

This means I have to take some kind of action, which means to surrender to God and be used by Him for His good will and pleasure. To obey Him for the sake of others. I’m not sure where He’s going to send me, what I’m going to say when I get there, or even when.. but when He calls, I pray.. Oh Lord do I pray, that I am a pleasing aroma to the Lord, a living sacrifice.

If there is a reader who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, if they are unsure if God is real, or if there is a struggle with faith, then please feel free to contact me. There are many testimonies from God on this blog that are more real than this keyboard I am typing on. I have also created a new menu item Inherit Eternal Life. In this menu you’ll find How to Know Jesus and how to obtain a free bible and other materials.

Jesus loves you and cares for you even if you think you are not worthy or if you think you’re not good enough. We can never change God’s love for us depending upon if we are good enough or not. God is love. He doesn’t love you any less or any more, regardless of what you do or don’t do. His love is never ending, never changing, and it endures forever. He created you. He loves you. I love you.


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