God crossing over into the seen

Oh God, help me understand. When the unseen crosses over into the seen, things start to get very different. Here is God revealing Himself again. A testimony and an answered prayer..

Lord God help me be bold for you. God, they say “COINCIDENCE! CHANCE!” They say “YOU NEED A SHRINK!” As Paul would say, “Certainly not!” On the contrary.. This stuff couldn’t be made up if I tried. But yes, when God’s reality, the unseen, is crossing over into the seen, whew.. insanity seems to be lurking in terms of the flesh. Yes, in the reality of the flesh, this stuff is insane. Speaking about my perceived insanity, I say praise God!!! That means I’m on the right track. amen!

insanity realityHaha, love that pic! :)

Ok, so let me set this up for you. Each night I sit here in the lazy boy with the laptop on my lap. Windows are open with nothing but the highway noise. Not a sound otherwise. I’ve been sitting here for hours, not a peep.

Last night was no different than the other nights. Reading blogs, studying the word of God, browsing the web, etc. I was in the middle of a period of fasting which the Lord guided me to. I was thinking of starting to eat last night, but I prayed to God. I said “Lord, you guided the start of this fast.. and I will look for your guidance for the end of it. Please let me know when I can eat.”

Man, I just now felt a pile of grace hit me.. getting a little teared up here. It’s humbling to know God is with me. I love you Lord. Ok, so this prayer that I prayed is at this point out of mind. I’m dwelling in the Word and really getting into it. I’m in 2Kings and at this point in scripture, I’m getting about sick of all the unrighteous kings. Ah, but here comes Jehu and he’s cleaning house. I’m really digging the story now. So as I’m reading.. a crossing over into the seen..

A loud bird chirped out the window. I’ve had this happen before many times during my life.. I see God’s creation as His glory. I get signs from the sun breaking through the clouds, birds, other animals, the wind, etc. Here is an example of another recent testimony of God crossing over into the seen with birds: Humbled (the 2nd story).

So hang with me here.. Try to picture what I see. Even as I type this now, I hear no sound but cars on the highway. It’s like this every night of the summer, day in and day out. A bird chirps. My first reaction – “What is it Lord?” He speaks through His word. I look at where I’m at in my reading, I just finished 2King9 and was starting 2King10. I felt/thought.. like a nudge “You missed something I was saying to you..” I back up a paragraph and start reading it again. Bam, first part of verse 34: 2King9:34 And when he had gone in, he ate and drank.

You think that’s it? ha. Coincidence? Insanity? Certainly not! I’m no fool: I believe, Lord help me with my unbelief! Me: “Lord. Not entirely sure if that was you.. I pray for a confirmation if you’re saying eat.” I keep reading.. I’m now into 2King11.. I just finished verse 12 and am about to begin verse 13.. The bird chirps. I immediately back up, re-read verse 12..  The end of 2King11:12 and gave him the Testimony

It doesn’t end there! 2 more confirmations as I’m eating! I gotta finish this up, getting tired. God is most definitely crossing over into the seen! Ok, so the bird chirps twice. At no other time has it chirped. I eat a yogurt.. and now my stomach is really gurgling for food around 10min later. I’m dwelling on eating stuff I know I shouldn’t eat after a fast (too harsh on the stomach). I was thinking almonds.. no, too hard to digest. I thought a banana…no, too sweet and they can clog ya up. A sammich..no. I think all natural applesauce: “chirp.”  I eat.

Now this last one was sweet. Around an hour later, my stomach is going crazy.. I’m looking for some kinda picture to place on the top right of this blog.. I’m doing a search in google’s images for “serious things.” I’m scrolling down…next page… scroll.. next page.. My stomach growls again.. and I think.. “well, I guess I’ll have a….” and at the exact same time the word came into my self-talk, I hit the mouse scroll down and bam.. the image that pops up as the word is materializing into my head… a banana. I can’t make this stuff up! lol. Seriously, I started to think about a banana before the image was on the screen.. it was out of view in the lower images that I had to scroll to. It went just like this.. thought about a banana first. Self-talk – “I guess I’ll….” *scroll on mouse*..”..have a..”.. *glance to the right side of the page of images that just came into view*… “banana”.. *eyes falling on the image of a banana as the word was being said in my self-talk*

and gave him a Testimony.. You sure did Lord.

The unseen is more real than the seen.. Ye must be born again to see the Kingdom of God. When I think about it, it isn’t that He’s “crossing over”. That’s just my perception. He’s always here. I guess it’s believing, faith, having eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart for God… basically, having God’s love.

He says to reveal it, here ya go.. God’s blessed Testimony. I pray it blesses you and edifies you. In Jesus name, amen.