God reveals Pt2: Love

As mentioned in the first posting on this topic (here), there have been 3 experiences in my walk with God whereas this overwhelming sense came over me that I was about to experience Him. These were situations whereas there is an advance heads-up. Kinda like “Pay attention, I’m about to reveal something.” This sensation is a bit difficult to explain. As stated in the other post, the best way I can explain this is as a sense, a feeling.. a forewarning? The thought that goes through my head is “God is here and I’m about to experience something from Him. Be watchful.” It is a very strong feeling, like everything goes still.. It is so strong that I pause at whatever I’m doing, because I know something is up and the next thing I experience will be Him so I start watching. This specific one was seriously God and it is difficult to talk about.. But here you go.  By the way, I could use some help w/ interpreting part of this –

God is love

During the time of this event, as mentioned on my testimony (here), I was in the midst of playing a lot of video games on my computer. I did this to zoink my mind out from the challenges of life. It was another bump in the road of life that I was involved in. As I was in the midst of playing video games, I kept getting tons of signs from God. I spent a lot of time zoinking out my mind, but I also talked to God. He revealed Himself via many signs during this time. Also, the night before this happened, for probably the 100th time, I prayed and asked God to send Jesus into my life (ugh, goosebumps. Keep these 2 previous points in mind).

So, I was sitting on my computer playing video games. While playing, whenever there was a break in the action, this is when I would spend time thinking, seeking God, talking to Him, and seeing many signs.  Then one time when doing this, I felt God’s prescence.  I remember an overwhelming feeling, followed by a thought, that the very next thing that happens in my surroundings will be from Him. Everything stopped and I waited for whatever was about to happen.  Within a couple of seconds, Val, who was sitting behind me on her own computer, said something. I knew whatever it was, it was Him. I took my headphones off and asked her what she just said. She said she was singing a song.  I asked which song, and it was Lee Ann Womack – The Fool. I closed down the game and did a search on the lyrics/song.

I’m going to cry.. Rough time in life. I spent a lot of time talking to Him while in that pit on the computer. He spoke –

Grace…Abundant Grace..

He spoke on all of the current major affairs of my life. I’m not going to go into other details though. The chorus is what I have had a hard time understanding.. I’m the fool, in the love with the fool, who’s still in love with you.. If you get a word from the Lord on this, I’d love to hear about it.

God bless you and yours,


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