It No Longer Fits You

Submitted by Rev. Adejo Edward – It no longer fits you


He loves her so dearly and longs for her, but all she does is, snob him. He seeks to be with her and pours out his heart for her, but what she does is, walk all over him. He goes out of his way to please her, but she derives pleasure in hurting him. He gives his all to/for her, but her response is, “what do I care”?

This happens to be a representation of the relationship between God and the world today. Despite the fact that He is angry with the wicked every day, His hands are still wide open to them, to give comfort and safety. As a matter of fact, to the wicked, His hands are open the widest (the lost sheep). This amazing love of God has been turned down by many. However, some have accepted it; but unfortunately, they still act wickedly and sinful at times.
Beloved, shall we continue in sin so that His love and grace will continue, and increase? May it never be! How shall we who have died to sin live in it? Or do you not know that we all who have identified with Christ and accepted Him as Saviour and Lord have identified both with His death on the cross and resurrection? Since we have been united with Him in His death, we are also united with Him in His resurrection. In His death, He died to sin, but in resurrection, He did unto righteousness. Sin therefore has no place in Him. Similarly, we also died to sin in Him and have been raised up with Him to righteousness (given a new life). Therefore, let us not allow sin to operate through us as though we never really died to it at new birth. Start seeing yourself as dead to sin for real. You are not dead to your feelings and emotions, but to sin, you are truly dead. It no longer fits you. Take your eyes off it and look up to God, serve Him in righteousness, in Spirit and in Truth.

Rom 6.

Rev. Adejo Edward is a clergy, with the message of faith called to show citizens of the Kingdom of Christ the path to ‘living as though the devil does not exist before the return of Christ’