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Standing in the Gap

Standing in the gap

I received a prayer request this evening from a follower of Jesus and a reader of this blog. I’d like to share with the Body of Christ so that we may all stand in the gap. I covet your prayers for this individual. Lord, turn your ear towards us. Lord, hear our prayers. In Jesus I pray, Amen. Here is the request:

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Posted by J - 09/08/2010 at 8:58 PM

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Walking with the Lord

Walking with the Lord

Walking with the Lord – After praying and seeking out the Lord, here is a follow-up to a recent post – Choosing Freedom over Slavery. I covet your prayers, encouragement and any insight.

Over the past day or so, I have received guidance related to walking with the Lord. The Lord is showing me that I’m not always walking with Him. I’m hearing (He’s always speaking), but I’m not always doing. Lord: “Pick up your mat and walk” – No walking. Lord: “Go wash your eyes in the pool and see” – No walking. Lord: “Go show your healing of leprosy to the priest” – No walking. “Don’t go there” – I keep walking. Choosing to hear the Lord but no action. Thank you Helper for teaching me. Here’s a few related verses –

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Posted by J - 09/01/2010 at 9:36 PM

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Plug: Convoy of Hope

It’s always been a challenge of mine to give money to very large relief organizations. When I give, it is nice to know that the recipient is a good steward of God’s resources. I know many organizations are good good organizations, and they help tremendously.. but I have a hard time giving $10 while only $6-7 will actually help the people I’m giving for.

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Posted by J - 06/18/2010 at 11:34 PM

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