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Signs from God on Egypt

Signs from God of Egypt – I’m once again getting hit with signs from God about Egypt. As I receive guidance from God, I’ll update this message. I prayed one night around 1-2 weeks ago, “God, did I miss your original signs on Egypt? Please guide me if I did..”

No one but God and I knew that I prayed the night before about the signs of Egypt. Also, no one has known that Egypt has been on my heart for a bit now. Egypt has been in the back of my mind for around 5 years. I felt that I missed His original message. I thought I should pray on it, and I did.

The next morning after praying, my sister commented on a post in this blog. This post is buried many many pages deep and was posted around 3 years ago. The post, her comment, and my response can be found here: Shalom. She has no idea how she came across the post. So ya, the next morning, this comment from my sis –

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Posted by J - 10/16/2010 at 12:09 AM

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