Umbrella Testimony

I recalled this testimony just now, thank you Lord for bringing it to mind. This one was so cool. I’m very surprised it has not been blogged already. Praise God for the reminder. There have been 2 umbrella testimonies with the Holy Spirit guiding me. This is the 1st one. The 2nd one was equally, if not more amazing. It can be checked out here: Bible study and Umbrella Testimony

This happened around a year ago. I was driving down a local road and was passing the highway entrance ramp. There was an unction from the Spirit.. get on the highway. It’s so hard to explain these unctions and guidance. It’s a still-small voice, but it isn’t one that is looked for.. It just happens. This was weird.. I was like.. “um.. what?” As I’m questioning, I start turning my steering wheel onto the highway, lol. I was like, ok! We’re going this way.

Jesus umbrella

So as I’m driving down the highway, I was like.. “Um, where am I going?” Another unction.. Go towards the homeless shelter down town.

As I’m driving down Michigan Ave towards the shelter, it’s raining out. I grab some umbrellas out of the backseat and put them in my passenger seat. (I carry umbrellas in my car for when it’s raining… I see too many people without). As I get close to the shelter, there are 2 people standing in a doorway entrance of a building, escaping the rain. The Lord says “there”. I pull over, grab an umbrella and walk up to them. I say hi and ask them if they need an umbrella. The look on the man’s face was that LOOK. Like, “oh man, what’s going on here!?” It’s a coincidence! haha. They humbly accept the umbrella and as I walk to my car, the guy is saying “unbelievable… unbelievable!!!” I turn around, and look at him with a smile. His jaw is open in disbelief. I point up to Jesus! :) It will never be known here on earth, but I’m almost certain they were just talking about the need for an umbrella.

I pray this edifies you, it sure does me when I re-live it. All of these testimonies on this blog are His… and they are for you!  Praise God. Bless you and yours,


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