Additions to Serious Things

I have recently added 2 new areas to the blog’s main menu: Article Submission and Submit a Testimony. There are many others who have teachings, answered prayers, testimonies, etc. from God and it is good to open up this blog to the Body of believers for His Glory. Also, on the Article Submission page, readers will see that I have also offered writers to become a part of Serious Things.

Oh, and I added a sitemap page on the menu so that things can be quickly found if necessary.

Lastly, if you have any suggestions, by all means, please shoot me a note from the contact me form. I’m open to additional suggestions  and would love feedback on my writing style, especially constructive criticism. :)

I hope these changes will make Serious Things more enjoyable. Actually, I pray they do. :) In Jesus name, amen. :)

Blessing to you and yours,