Afraid of the Unknown

The Lord God revealed to me that I am afraid of the unknown in-Christ. God, help me in my unbelief. I have had a few dreams that I didn’t understand, but now when I look at them globally, it seems that I am afraid of the path less traveled, the unknown, death to self, complete surrender, etc. If you have wisdom in interpreting dreams, I really could use some help from the Body (especially prayers). I’ll explain each one and what my understanding is. If the Spirit guides you to a different understanding, please, by all means, please jump in or shoot me an email from the contact me form. Lord, help me by sending me an angel.

The first dream was about 3 years ago. This one was very odd in how it ended with something in the physical world. The dream was of me driving a car up a well traveled gravel road. Wide, smooth, etc. I was going up a mountain. When I got up to the top, just before going over the top, I come to a fork in the road. There was a yellow sign in the middle of the road, arrows showing left or right. Left is where the same smooth/well traveled road continued. I turned right. As I turned right and came over the crest of the hill, the road turned into a 2 track. The least traveled road. The middle of the 2 track had high weeds growing in it. There was an old shack off to the side and in the distance, an old old 40’s/50’s abandoned truck parked. Some trees scattered around and weeds growing. I stopped the car and looked around. I looked ahead at the road and the dirt in the 2 track faded to grass, but I still could make out the tracks within the grass. I felt afraid of the unknown. It was as if I could keep going, but the road was unknown because it seemed like it ended up around the corner after some bushes. I popped the car into reverse, put my arm on the headrest of the passenger seat to help turn me around to look behind me so I could back up. As I turned around to look out the back window and let my foot off the brake, my alarm clock goes off for work. My alarm clock is VERY loud. It was set on a radio station. Just as I turn around and let my foot off the brake, the alarm goes off and the words that woke me up were blaring: “BACK UP!!!” Wow, that freaked me out. Just as I thought in my head, in the dream, “back up”, and I spun around and started to back up, the clock blares it out. Weird.

Next dream a couple of months ago. I’m standing at the base of a mountain looking up at it. The top of it had a ring of fire going around it. As I looked up at the mountain, the earth rumbled in a slight earthquake. I was afraid. That day, 1 of my daily devotions spoke of Mt. Zion and another spoke of going up the mountain.

Last night, I dreamed of a ladder going up. I was in some kind of room, like an office.. and there was a man starting to climb the ladder. I have no idea where it went, I didn’t look up. I had a feeling I was to get on the ladder.. but… I stood by the wayside, afraid.

Oh, and a few weeks ago, I had that vision in Testimony – Jesus is the Door whereas Jesus was standing at the Door saying “Come”, but I didn’t go through the door.

So in the end, my interpretation is that I am afraid to take the leap into Him. I’m afraid of the least traveled path, afraid of getting on the mountain, afraid of climbing the ladder, afraid of walking through the Door… afraid of the unknown. He’s calling me, and I’m not moving. If you see it differently, please let the Spirit guide you and let me know your thoughts.

Please pray for the Helper to help me. I need courage, strength, faith, trust, protection, and many other things. I may have direction of what He wants me to do, and it surely will take death to self and complete surrender to do it. Please stand in the gap for me, I need confirmation too. Doors open, doors closing, etc. Thank you so so much.

(Update: Sometimes, I miss the obvious. He’s teaching me this stuff and the answer is right in front of me. Thank God that I journal on this blog too so that I can go back. My answer is in this post – Keep it Simple Servant.)

Bless you,


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