All is well with my Soul

I wanted to stop in for a quick moment and say, all is well. For many months I have prayerfully been considering what God will have me do with this site. He’s been consistent and hasn’t changed – Write them down. I have considered updating the site and doing videos instead, but that’s much different than writing them down. It’s my goal to do exactly as I hear, without tainting it with my own philosophies/ideas, etc.

A quick testimony from a couple of weeks ago –

I’ve been struggling with a health issue for quite a while now and it’s been keeping me out of Church as my largest struggles are in the morning. The knowledge of God entered and a natural ingredient has all but resolved my issues – Psyllium husk. Lowered my cholesterol too, thank you Lord. After getting back to Church and attending a couple of services, the Pastor’s wife said she’s glad to see me. I gave a short, “Yes, I’ve been having some personal health issues and it’s hard to get here sometimes.” She responded with, “I don’t know what it is, but if it’s digestive health, I know what you need. A big tablespoon of psyllium husk.” I smiled, said, “Yep, that’s what’s getting me here. Twice a day.” She paused, “Huh, I’ve been doing 1T a day.. twice a day may be better for me.”

There is definitely a unity of spirit with this woman of God. Whenever we are in corporate prayer, when the Spirit is moving something on my heart to pray, she starts speaking my silent prayers out loud. There is absolutely no doubt – God is present. The evidence to see Him is within us all when we’re spiritually reborn. The Word is alive and active. What is written is witnessed firsthand as functioning within my member, praise God.

I love the Body of Christ… Love you Lord, thank you for this testimony and I trust it will serve its purpose. In Jesus Christ name, amen.

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