Amazing Testimony – 3 prayers answered

Amazing Love….. How can it be?  That you my King should die for me.  Amazing Love… I know it’s true.  It’s my joy to honor you in all I do, to honor you.

Oh my, precious precious Jesus…  Thank you for another blessed blessed testimony.  You have commanded me to reveal these things, and I’m revealing.. So I know that Your amazing testimonies will not return to You void. I pray for the power of God to be behind these testimonies to uplift, edify, and most importantly, reveal You to those who need assistance with unbelief. Thank You Lord! Thank You!

Details are still coming in on this one, but in all my heart, I know 3 prayers answered today, and possibly 4.  My most heart felt.. Oh my, I can’t even type this because of an overflow of grace… Oh my Lord, bless you.  My most heart felt and continued prayers have been for the Lord to get a hold of family members (such as a posting today about Matt).  I have been praying the same for my sister, that the Lord reveals Himself to her through others around her or through myself.  Praise Praise Praise God Almighty.

The Lord placed my sister in the middle of 3 devoted Christians – My sister’s mother-in-law, the mother-in-law’s daughter who was adopted out as a baby, and myself.  Us 3 do not know each other/communicate.  I have met the mother-in-law maybe 2-3 times and she is definitely filled and a God fearing woman.  My sister, who I am not going to judge whether she is saved or not.. I just know that she believes in God and Jesus, but doesn’t walk as a believer, which.. we have all been there.  God is working, I can hold onto that truth.  Praise God.

Well, my sister emails me 2 nights ago.  She has been trying to help the mother-in-law (named Kathy) to find a baby that she adopted out at birth back in 1967.  My sister hasn’t been able to find anything, but has experienced lately that I have been able to find things on the internet more easily than her (been helping her w/ college homework/papers/journal searching).  So she asked me to help her.  My first try, I put 3 keywords into google.. The date, adoption, and Warren, MI.  The 3rd link on the page was a posting from 1996, from a female looking for her mother.  It had an email address, which I emailed but the address was no longer.  In this posting, she said she was born at 3:30p and her father may have been italian.  I gave this info to my sister, she called Kathy and it was confirmed.. it’s her.

This all took place within mere minutes from getting the info from my sister (Perfection is working).  While this is going on.. the daughter is watching a TV show for the first time.. something like Family Tree? where people are reunited w/ family members.  So while the daughter is watching this show, my sister takes the info, does another internet search, bingo.. found her name.. then found her on Facebook and sent her an email.  The daughter finishes watching the show, decides to start looking for her mother again… Goes to her computer to search and bam, an email from God’s work.  She responds to my sister with praise to God!

I talk to my sister the next day.. and she’s “Joe, this is so weird.  This is so weird. I use to work at that hospital in Warren.  I use to work for the same catholic adoption services that she was adopted through.  This is so weird.”  And I said.. It seems weird to you, but it isn’t weird.  It is God.  This is what He does.  This is His amazing testimony. She started to cry..

We all know that the mother/daughter who were looking for each other, both being Godly woman, were praying to find one another.  I have no doubt about that.  Here I am, praying for my sister, for Him to reveal Himself.  Perfection came down.  God used all 3 Christians to work together for the good, and for the good of the 4th person involved who needed a jolt of revelation.  And who knows if my sister was praying.. She may have been. Perfection happened, that’s all I know..  God is alive and well.  The Living God.. El Chay.. Who not only sees and hears, but is active in our lives.  Praise God.

And as for the goodness received on my end?  Knowing I’m being used by Him.  Praise God.  Edification.. for you and I. 3 prayers answered? Maybe 100s as far as I know. God is good and amazing. He gives another amazing testimony for you and I. Praise Him!

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.

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