Answered Prayer at Homeless shelter

Oooh, this is a good one.  I just remember to post it.  I’m going to have to fly on posting this one as I have to leave shortly to another study.  A few weeks ago at a bible study at the homeless shelter, I gave the testimony of the golden calf that I just blogged about.  You can read it here.

Last Friday when I showed up, a young man who heard this testimony said something like – “you’ve got to hear what the Lord did for me.  What you said about praying and that cross that was on your neck..  I prayed and the Lord answered..” Praise God for this answered prayer.

The man who has been at the homeless shelter for a few weeks said that they needed a cell phone and had just enough $ to get one.  He went and bought a Boost mobile cell phone.  After he got the phone, he realized that he needed a sim card for it, but didn’t have the money.  So they prayed like I did on that cross around my neck.. “Lord, if you want us to have this phone, you will take care of it.  If not, we’re ok if you don’t want us to have this phone.”

He said within the next day or 2, a church group shows up.  They were handing out bibles.  The bible he wanted, someone else grabbed before him, but he ended up getting another bible and went up to his room.  He opened it up and it opened right to a page…and there sat a Boost mobile sim card.  Not just any sim card.. a Boost mobile sim card…  I asked him if anyone knew that he needed it..and maybe someone just slipped it in there.  He said nope.. .no one knew, it was God.

Praise the Lord for answered prayers. He hears us and blesses us.  mmmmmm.  The Lord who Provides all.  Thank you Lord.  Bless you.

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