Answered prayer Testimony for Matthew

I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing/not doing as far as my walk, but these things come in waves.  I get hit with marvelous testimonies from the Lord in groupings, and they appear to stop (as far as what I see/experience). 

For a while now, I’ve been praying for Matthew.  I’ve been praying that the Lord reveals Himself to Matthew through either myself or someone else.  It one of my top prayers that someone comes across his path to help him. This is one that He answered my prayer for a revelation. A beautiful testimony.

Matt was home from college for the Thanksgiving weekend and I sat down and talked to him for about 10min.  Matt is very much into science, evolution, etc.  I started talking to him about God and how he cannot be figured out by man’s peanut of a brain.  That we try to understand God w/ our very limited knowledge and/or with science, and we cannot.  Then, I flowed into examples of these testimonies.. I explained how I use to look at these things as coincidence/chance, but when they happen as they do and as often as they do.. .There’s no doubt whatsoever.  I said that we cannot place a measurement on such things, it’s impossible.  I also went into discussing a bit about eternity vs death in the grave.  Lastly, I used 2cor4:18 on how the things we experience are temporary and God is eternal.  He ended the conversation and said “That’s a pretty good argument for God.”  I just asked him to at least open up a pathway of believing and ask God to reveal Himself, and He will.  I’m not sure if Matt did that night.. but this is what happened –

The next morning, which was Nov. 30..  My daily devotion for that day was almost word for word on the discussion Matt and I had.  This was a testimony for him… to show Himself..  I pray, pray and pray.. with all that is in me.. That this email spoke to Matt and that God continues to reveal Himself to Matt.  Here is the email I sent him the next morning:

As I was trying to explain yesterday on how God reveals Himself.  Recall the things I said to you last night in your room, and then read below.  I did not seek this out in order to show it to you. Through the normal course of a daily reading that I do, this is what it said for Monday,November 30.  This is almost word for word of what we spoke about yesterday.. This is God working –

Family and friends gather for a funeral service, the committal is held, and the estate is sold or distributed.  For some,this signifies the end.  Yet for those who trust in Jesus Christ, this is the beginning of eternity in the presence of our Lord.

Our finite minds cannot begin to grasp the reality of eternity. Life on earth is driven by time, but eternity is forever. Since the Bible is clear about the need for faith in Christ, the reality of heaven and hell, and the certainty of physical death, it is foolish for us to lose sight of a heavenly perspective on earthly things. Consider how important it is to put earthly things in the right perspective.

Do you live with a right perspective or are you currently placing far too much emphasis on earthly things?  Ask God for help in a heavenly perspective. The things of this world are temporal, but the glory of heaven is eternal.

That last sentence was 2Cor4:18. Thank you Lord for the answered prayer and the testimony to share with other. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.

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