Balloons from the Lord

I met a homeless family this week, and after noticing they were Christians, I let them know I’ll be praying for them.  As I said this, I was looking into the eyes of one of the children and I could see/feel the worry in her.  The other older child also had this look.  It cut through to my soul.  Last night, I asked the Father to use me today in order to bring a smile to the faces of the children.  I prayed and asked for Him to show me a way.  I was thinking maybe candy or something, but I didn’t know, and left it in His hands to work through me.

The Father answers.  The following words are spoken by a friend (the need to bring smiles to the faces of these children were not discussed yet).  We were discussing visitations to the elderly at a retirement center.  The following is spoken: “It’s amazing to see how simple things like balloons can bring a smile to the faces of the elderly.”

So today, children will smile through His Grace.  Praise God.  Thank you Lord for answering my prayer and thank you for using me as your servant to glorify Your Kingdom.  You deserve all the Praise Lord.  Bless you Lord.  I love you too.

UPDATE:  During a shower this morning, I was in prayer.  I petitioned to the Lord, asking that if He can find a way to expand His blessings upon the offering of balloons for the children, that I would appreciate it.  To back up a little, it was recommended to get the balloons at Kroger.

This morning, I had to go stop at the hardware and pick up some bolts.  On my way there, I’m wondering where there is a party type store near the hardware for the balloons.  Then I recalled there is a Kroger right next to the hardware I was going to.  I went into Kroger and the lady said the balloons were $.99/pc.  I originally was thinking I’d get 25 but she said they were large balloons and I’d need a van or SUV to transport them… and she said I’d have to come back and get them as it will take her awhile.  So I started thinking about how many kids I witnessed at the shelter and I counted around 8.  Since the # 11 always works well for me, I asked her to give me 11.  She said there is a deal for 12, $9.95, and I agreed to get 12.  Praise God for the added blessing.  As I was browsing around the store waiting for the balloons, I thought that I better call the shelter and see how many children they have there.. I didn’t want to leave any children without.  The lady counted them up, and said there were 12.  Praise God our Provider, Yahweh Yireh – The Lord Will Provide!  When I went to pick up the balloons, the lady added 12 stuffed animals to the package.  She said they were extras that she was looking to get rid of.  Praise God!  Praise God for His added blessings.  I went to the shelter and dropped the balloons off in the lobby, then started to do some volunteering stuff at the center.  While working, I could hear children crying/screaming, and I was praying they would get the balloons up there sooner than later.. then I heard someone walking by talking, and it was 2 ladies placing the balloons and stuffed animals into the rooms.  Needless to say, the crying ceased.  Praise God.  Praise God.. Praise God.

All of the steps along the way could not have been any more perfect.  Every single event during this situation worked out perfectly.  All of  it.  From the words being spoke, to the words on the songs on my ipod while things were unfolding.  From the # of balloons to the crying child receiving it at the perfect time.  There was not a step along the way that could have worked out any better.. His blessings were found every where.  Praise God.  The smiles on the children’s faces were indescribable.  I wish I could have taken some pictures of the children, but permission from the parents would haven been necessary.  In the end, I took the perfect picture too. 

homeless shelter


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