Bible study and Umbrella Testimony

I’m constantly praying for a bible study that the Lord and I put on every Friday night. I kept praying and asking the Lord to fill the study w/ tons of people.  As always, this afternoon I prayed again that the Lord would fill the bible study up.  Then I thought about how the prayer has not been answered and I was talking to the Lord about it. He showed me that He is sending the perfect # of people and that I do not need to worry about who and who will not show to the bible study. After He revealed this, I still asked for a full study room tonight in a joking manner, but I also said: “I know you will send all those that You choose” and I prayed that even if He sends no one, I will be happy because it would mean that His will is that Him and I have private time together.  It was a lesson He taught me to not worry and to trust in Him.  Then bam, tonight’s study was the most full as it has ever been.  He filled it to overflowing.. we ran out of chairs.  Emptied a box of bibles.  Praise Him! LOL. What a lesson. Just need to TRUST!

Then, when I was leaving, a homeless man was outside smoking a cigarette in a light drizzle of rain with his little boy next to him.  He was at last week’s bible study.  When I got to the car, and as I put my things in the backseat, I look down at some umbrellas. I heard the Lord say “Go give that man an umbrella”.

As I walked around the corner of the building to where he was, I opened the umbrella and started to hand it to him. He got that LOOK.  He says: “You have surely been sent from God.” He said: “I walked around all day today in the rain.. I wanted to spend my last couple of dollars on an umbrella, but I decided to buy my boy a comic instead.” Praise be to Jesus!  (UPDATE: The following week at the study, the man revealed further information on what happened during the moment w/ the umbrella: “2 seconds before you came around the corner with that umbrella, my son said “Daddy, we need an umbrella.” My son walked away to go back into the building as you came around the corner, handing me an umbrella.”

oh my…  Praise be to God Almighty..

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