Body of Christ

Something that the Lord has been revealing to me and what’s been on my heart is the Body of Christ.  We need to rise up beloved members, rise up.  Many lost souls are wandering around and they don’t see, hear or receive.  They are blinded by the evil one.

The casual/carnal Christian has been on my mind lately, and it’s scary.  Many sermons, devotionals, and studies are pointing to the same topic. I have to be careful on being too judgmental here because God is working on them as He was working on me many years ago. When God is speaking, what am I to do? My hearts breaking here for the Body of Christ.

It’s scary because there are members of the Body who once they profess Jesus Christ as Savior, it’s as if they have reached their destination.  As a sermon said recently, the journey is the destination.  We don’t get saved, go to Church, etc. as a destination. Church is the launch pad, the refueling station..  If we’re saved, we greatly desire the things of God.  The Spirit within is on fire, we want to fellowship, we desire to go to Church, we love reading the word, we pray all the time. There is evidence with change and growth. Church, reading the Word, praying <– These things are our evidence AND rocket fuel. We have Christ within, and there is a great desire for things of God, such as fellowship with the Body and other members.

I am so saddened.. my heart breaks. Is our desire on things of God more than things of this world? If there is growth, hallelujah!!! It’s up to each individual to do a check. It’s merely impossible to not be changed when Christ moves in.  If we aren’t growing, changing, adjusting, being taught, etc. then we need to do a check.

Pride is the root that will prevent most Christians from ever seeing Truth. We gotta be humbled. Until we can are, we will be lost in self.  Once we are humbled,  and we start doing a check on self.. wow, stand back…. Walls of pride start crumbling and we will see.  Christ must be allowed to come in and setup His own stronghold in place of pride.  His stronghold will be one of humility. Please read the 2 writings about Pride here: Weapons of Satan – Pride Part 1 and here: Weapons of Satan- Pride Part 2.

I’m worried, very worried.  Many members of the Body of Christ believe, but remember, even the demons believe in God and they tremble.  There is more to believing.  There are choices to be made, moment by moment, thought by thought.  What are our minds on most of the time throughout our days?  Him or this World?  We must examine ourselves, without the pride (replaced with humility), and we’ll start to see who has our mind, our lives, and ultimately, our souls. I’m worried because many may believe they are saved, and they may not be. The broad way…..

Join me in praying for the Body of Christ and the lost.. God bless you and yours,


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