My Confession

In order to have a clean heart before the Lord, I feel obligated to confess myself as a sinner as to not be a hypocrite.  The drive behind my postings utilize the Word of God and I do not feel right speaking on behalf of the Lord without confessing.

I do not claim to be perfect..  I claim to strive towards the goal of perfection, in Christ Jesus.  I am with faults though, both past and present –

I have placed worldly objects as idols before my Lord.  Material objects, people, self, etc.
I have wrongfully used the Lord’s name.
I have not remembered the Sabbath and kept it Holy.
I have not honored my Father and my Mother.
I have killed – innocent animals for pleasure.
I have committed adultery multiple times.
I have stolen, multiple times.
I have beared false witness against my neighbor, multiple times.
I have coveted my neighbors wife, multiple times.
I have coveted my neighbors belongings, multiple times.
I think things that are not pure or righteous.
I place things into my body that I should not – cigarettes and unhealthy foods.
I have done multiple drugs, multiple times.
I have been drunk many times.
I have not thought of others before thinking of myself.
I make unwise choices.
I don’t listen to the Holy Spirit at times.
I have treated people as I would not want to be treated.
I have placed self in front of the Lord, multiple times.

I am a sinner, that has atonement by the Blood of Christ.  Praise the Lord for His ultimate sacrifice – Jesus Christ, in His image-Love, which was sacrificed on the alter for this sinner.  Thank you Lord.

By the Grace and Mercy of God, I have been filled with the Holy Spirit and a change has taken place in my life.  Instead of being conformed to this world, I am now being transformed. God is good.  ~90%+ of the things above are no longer a part of my life.  He is molding me and we are chipping away at the remaining things.  My goal is to achieve a Christ-like life and we have been taking steps in that direction for a long time now.  Praise the Lord.

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