Confirming Word

Thank you Lord for your confirmations, guidance, and help. Thank you for your confirming words. They are peace and life to my soul, thank you. Here is a testimony that I pray blesses you and builds your faith in the Lord. Edification.. so that the brethren may be strengthened. In Him, amen.

The other day, a sister in-Christ asked for prayer. Her cousin Jim had surgery and an incision was having challenges healing since January. When I began to pray, a word was laid on my heart. She said Jim was a Christian, so the word that I felt/heard in me was that this man was a new creation in Christ. Here is the first part of the prayer:

Lord, you said – Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.. Lord, you said ‘if’ we be in Christ. If Jim is in You.. then he is a new creature, amen. Lord, it is written that old things have passed away.. and I do not believe this is limited to just the choices we make with sin, but also things of this fallen world that can happen to our physical bodies such as sickness, disease, and the like.

Then, a few hours later in the day, I felt the unction to give this sister encouragement, to remain steadfast in Christ. Water (Source of God) and Tree (our temple) were laid on my heart, so I looked up scripture, found this and shared it:
Jeremiah 17:7-8 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.
On the end table, I have a Daily Bread collection of scriptures that I have not looked at in many months. The next morning, I have no idea why, but I decide to pick it up and read a couple cards. Here was the first:
I was like.. “Interesting.. a confirming word from God that I did received an unction from Him for that prayer.” Thank you Lord. I flip to the next card –
Another confirming word..
What I got out of this was a confirmation that I’m on the right path, hearing the Word of God, and sharing correctly. This is a huge help in building my faith and in helping me discern what is of God and what is not. Thank you Helper.. thank you Lord.
Psalms 119:111-112 Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart. I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway, even unto the end.
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