Corrections from Father God

I find it awesome how God corrects me w/ His gentleness.  It’s like a spank on the butt.  Many times throughout the week, things will happen such as dropping something, knocking over a glass, stubbing the toe, a bump on the head, etc.  When these things happen, I evaluate what I was thinking at the time, and it has always been something I shouldn’t have been thinking.

A week or so ago, I was wheeling the garbage out to the end of the driveway.  My thoughts were going down a path that they should not have been going.  Just at the moment that I started to realize what I was thinking, I slip on the ice.  In slow motion, as I am falling to the ground… I realize what I was thinking and how it was not good.  Then I realize that this fall is the Father correcting me.  As I hit the ground with a smile on my face, I praise Him for his correction and thank Him for holding back His wrath from me (thanked Him for the fact that I didn’t get hurt).  His corrections can be much worse than these subtle reminders, and at times, they are.

From my experiences, His corrections, which are the consequences of our sins, are based on the severity of our sin.  Well.. I’m not too sure here.  I know sin is sin to God.  But I think there is a huge difference between breaking a commandment (knowingly, willfully) and having a thought.  When I put idols before the Lord, like career, relationships, money, etc.  He corrects me stronger by taking the things away (Bless you Lord).  But when I’m having a passing thought that I shouldn’t have, I stub my toe.  Those little corrections hurt for a second or 2.  Kinda like a smack on the butt “Hey, whatcha thinkin there kid!?!”  But those larger corrections can hit the pit of a man and last longer than a stubbed toe.  I’m not too sure on this though..  All I know is that there are consequences for sinning, at least for me!  Every time I willfully sin… I know something’s coming.  I got to the point where I would say “Lord, I know it’s coming.. I’m sorry.  Please hold your wrath away from me and be gentle”.  Because man… He sure can work it up if He wanted to.  Bless Him for being Merciful and Gracious to this sinner.. .and for giving me the perfect correction every time.

Blessings to you and yours,