Free Audiobook – Your Faith by Christian Nwobu

Here is an opportunity for a free audio book to the readers of Serious Things! I was asked to make an attempt on recording an audio book for a Pastor. The paperback is available at Barnes and Nobles too – Your Faith by Christian Nwobu. Readers of Serious Things can receive a free copy of the audio to help with a quality review. If interested, please read on! –

Personally, I think my voice is too monotone on this audio and my enunciation tends to get slurred at times (especially as I get a few pages into each chapter). I know that brothers and sisters like to encourage “You have a great voice!”, bless your hearts! :) But really, I’m ok with constructive criticism. :)

What we’re asking for is an overall review of the audio as well as keeping tabs on any obvious mess-ups or areas that cannot be understood. It would be very helpful if the minute and second mark of any mess ups are kept track of so I can easily find it. I.e. Between 2min 32secs and 4min 5secs the audio is unclear.. or.. At the 25min 52sec mark there is ___.

I’m sure a book review on the Barnes and Nobles website linked above would be very appreciated by the Pastor as well. Lastly, please exercise wisdom on whether it should be shared with others.

Here is the preface of the book and the audio is below. You can send me any reviews from the contact form on this site. It’s located here – Contact me. I pray it blesses you, in Jesus name, amen.

Your faith is an insightful inspirational work on faith. It gives practical and down-to-earth teaching and illustrative guidelines on how you could live a victorious Christian life and grow your faith.

How faith comes, and the elements that play a role in faith are probably what you will not miss to read and exploit the depth resources that will give your walk of faith a new color and dimension.

The way the author approaches in writing how you could grow your faith through meditating on the word, association or relationship, practical teaching, private disciplines, applying scriptures in your life, pivotal circumstances, and personal ministry will inspire you to let your faith loose on any mountain that stands before you.

By applying the principles contained in this book, you will learn:

· What faith is

· How to grow your faith

· Types of faith

· Faith insulators

· Faith gauges

· Faith and its perfecter

· How to let your faith loose!

The examples and testimonies of numerous victories gained through faith in this book make the reading interesting, attractive and inspiring.

Do you have challenges in life? Have you longed to live in victory? Your faith need to be let loose in order for you to be able to walk in victory in the midst of this turbulent world? Get a copy of this book and prayerfully study it and be what God had made you to be through the exploit of your faith.

If the audio player has not shown up below, you may have to give it a few minutes to load. You can also download the file by right clicking the following link. Choose Save as: or Save file as: from the menu – Your Faith.mp3

Thank you for your assistance.


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