God and Prayer

Praying to God is in the Spotlight

Lately, I have watched followers in the spotlight give praise, thanks, glory, and prayers to God. Has anyone else noticed this? Over the past week or 2, I have witnessed 3 nationally televised events (1 was global, the event of the Chilean miners) whereas speakers gave glory, praise, thanks, and they were praying to God. I think that is so awesome!

Recently, I saw someone interrupt an interviewer’s question – “I gotta go pray.” He turned around and the camera spanned over to show him kneeling down with others that were behind him praying.

The president of Chile, giving thanks and praise to God. The miners talking about their prayers, and the one man coming out of the mine… The first thing he did was bow down to his knees praying to God.

Also, another man who was in the spotlight interrupted an interviewer. “I have to explain something. Last time you saw me on TV, I was crying. I wanted to explain. Prayer has been an important thing in my life and when something is answered, it is very emotional.”

It’s good to see that this world isn’t completely gone. I needed to see these things because all we see nowadays in the news is negativity about God, the Church, etc. Thank you God.

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