God revealing Himself to Matthew

Praise God for giving me the mind to remember another testimony of His. As I sat down this evening to clean up some broken links in this blog, I came across this testimony from God where He was revealing Himself. It took place last Thanksgiving: An answered prayer testimony for Matthew. As I read this, I recalled another one that happened with Matthew. This was an answered prayer and God revealed Himself.. I pray that Matthew has the eyes to see that it was God.. and I pray it blesses your heart –

Last year, when we were heading to Ann Arbor to drop Matthew off at his first year of college, I started up a conversation with Matthew about God. He really didn’t want to hear too much about it and wanted to listen to his music. I pulled out my bible and started to read and pray. My heart was breaking for Matthew.. To this day, I feel very terrible for not leading him up in the way of the Lord.. Lord forgive me.

I prayed something similar to: “Lord, please reveal yourself to Matthew. Let him come across the right people in college, use me, use whatever means to reveal yourself to Him.” Ugh, a deep sigh..  I love that kid so much.

We got to his dorm room, unpacked, and we were rearranging his furniture. As we were moving his bunk around, we took the mattress off, and underneath it laid a bible. :) I’m not sure if he still has it, but he had it when we left. Maybe I’ll ask him if he still has it. :)

Blessed be another testimony from God. Thank you God for revealing yourself and for hearing and answering our prayers. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty..


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