God reveals Pt3: Stop smoking

As mentioned in the first 2 postings on this topic (here and here), there have been 3 experiences in my walk with the Lord whereas this overwhelming sense came over me that I was about to experience Him. This is #3. (skip to nxt paragraph if you have already read the explanation of this sense). These were situations whereas there is an advance heads-up. Kinda like “Pay attention, I’m about to reveal something.” This sensation is a bit difficult to explain. As stated in the other post, the best way I can explain this is as a sense, a feeling.. a forewarning? The thought that goes through my head is “God is here and I’m about to experience something from Him. Be watchful.” It is a very strong feeling, like everything goes still.. It is so strong that I pause at whatever I’m doing, because I know something is up and the next thing I experience will be Him so I start watching.

The night before this took place, I was struggling with my choice to keep smoking. I was talking to the Lord about this, and discussing my ignorant reasoning. See, to justify it and make it easier to smoke, I decided to start rolling my own cigarettes. The tobacco was “all natural” without any additives. But I was still convicted because the Lord revealed that I was justifying it with the natural mentality.

The next day, I went to my mailbox (in an apartment at the time). As I was getting my key out, that sensation came over me. I knew something was going to be in my mailbox. I open it, nothing but junk mail. When I closed the mailbox, a mailbox around 4-5 slots down to the right opened up around an inch or 2. I hadn’t locked my mailbox yet and I was just standing there holding the key.. I pull my mailbox back open, and the other one closed.. I closed my mailbox cover again, the other one opened. I locked my box and walked over to the other box.. I look in. I see a postcard for a brand of cigs, american spirit. In big letters – “IT’S ALL NATURAL!”

Lord, you know I’m still struggling with this stupid habit. Forgive me for tainting your temple. Help me Helper.. Give me strength, in Jesus name, amen.


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