Guidance from God

Praise God! I received further guidance from God recently. It was in reference to a recent post. Here is a quick testimony/follow-up. Thank you Father, Teacher, Guider, Savior, and Helper –

The other day, I posted: Walking with the Lord because it was a topic He was giving me guidance on for a couple of days. It was in reference to my feelings of being trapped (also see: Choosing Freedom over Slavery & Afraid of the Unknown). “Walk” was coming up regularly.

Here is one of the few signs from God’s guidance that is directing me to walk with Him. There is a local grocery store that is owned by a Christian. Each month, he sets out free daily devotional booklets for shoppers to take home. I always look forward to getting my new copy. The new one for September that I just picked up – Walking with God. It has a picture of a one way sign that says “Follow me”. Isn’t He awesome? This happened the day after my post.

So far, each day has been a huge blessing in encouragement and guidance. Thank you God for your guidance and help. I so need you. Bless you, thank you. I love you too.

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