Praise Him – Confirmations galore

Praise Him! Another Praise to the Father for providing confirmations galore.

Confirmation #1 –
A couple of weeks ago, the Pastor of our church asked me to do a few Wednesday night services while he was out on vacation.  A couple of days later while at church, I was listening to the Pastor and I had a passing thought about the message that was on my mind for these services (John 15, the Vine). 

While thinking of the upcoming Wed service, it crossed my mind to bring in a vine as a prop.  I thought to myself “Hmm, I wonder if it’s cool to bring a prop in?”  As the thought completed in my head, the Pastor reaches down behind the pulpit, and takes out a lamp.. He says “My wife says I should use props more often.” Praise Him for Confirmations Galore!!!

Confirmation #2 –
As I begin to study John 15, I get into the passages about “Fruit”.. and I start studying Gal5:22 – Fruit of the Spirit A day or so later, Fruit of the Spirit comes up again in a bible study.  Gal5:22 again. The next day after that, a friend on chat has a status message.. It’s Gal5:22, Fruit of the Spirit.
That night, I go to a different bible study..  We start studying.. Gal5:22, Fruit of the Spirit. Praise Him for Confirmations Galore!!!

Confirmation #3 –
3 of us at church are working on messages for services we have to do while the Pastor is gone.  None of us have talked about our messages until Wed, after I did my sermon.  One guy said “As you started, I thought I had to redo my written out service cuz I’m talking about the same thing.  Luckily you went down a similar but different path.”  The other guy said “Ya, my message is pretty much the same, but a different path too.” Praise Him for Confirmations Galore!!!

Praise God for leading us… Praise our Provider.  I love Him so.

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