Prayer works in God’s timing

prayer works

Praise God, another one chalked up for the good Guy! Way to go God! Prayer works in His perfect timing. God is good, good, good, amen. Here’s a testimony of someone coming to Christ. Praise the Lord all ye saints of God.

A dear friend that I worked with for around 10 yrs called me tonight. I haven’t talked to this person since our working relationship ended 2yrs ago. “Guess what Joey, I just got baptized.” Hallelujah! Wow, truly amazing God! Praise the Lord!

I’m sure many people were praying for this individual (not that she was a bad person, she’s a very sweet and loving person). Through many discussions with her, she believed in God in the same sense as most of us have at one point or another. Believed, but not necessarily a follower. I remember praying for her salvation a few years ago. Prayer works in God’s perfect timing!

Why she called me out of the blue to tell me? Probably for edification for you and I. Praise God. It was so so so cool to listen to her talk. The ‘eyes to see’ were obvious. The conversation was like night and day in comparison to our past conversations about God. She’s going to church on a regular basis too. Awesome! Literally, you could see/hear the Spirit in her conversation.

This is the joy and happiness that I love. The true joy of the Lord, not a worldly joy. I haven’t felt this joyous since the last time I heard of someone coming to the Lord! Thank you God! This is what it’s all about. Standing in the gap, being a witness, dropping a seed, doing a little watering, etc. Of course, salvation is of the Lord, but we are all called to witness and pray. Drop a seed, do a little watering, and the LORD will bring forward the increase, praise God. Always in His perfect timing, always..

If you can hold this person up in prayer for protection, guidance, and further teachings, for her and her new family (getting married in a couple of months), I’m sure she would appreciate it. God knows who she is!

Thank you Lord, blessed be God Almighty, the Author and Finisher of our faith and salvation. amen.

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