Radical Faith

keepcalmfaithI have to share this because I received direction 5 minutes ago that I’m blessed, to be a blessing. The manifold grace of God, ministering one to another as you have received.

I’m titling this Radical Faith, but please take heed that this is not a testimony that someone should take out of context. There is a lot of prosperity teachings out there and if this comes across as such, then please let me know so that I may correct. Remember, it is written – James 4:You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures. Basically saying that we do not receive because we ask selfishly.. God is not a genie in a bottle.

At any rate, here is a lesson I have been learning over the past few years.. I pray it blesses you, in Jesus name, amen.

Over the past week, I had to travel for business. On my way home on Saturday morning, I had a lay over in Amsterdam. My luggage had already been checked in the first leg of my travels. When I landed, I hit up one of the KLM kiosks to print off my boarding pass (I could not print it off from the initial airline’s website for some reason). This was the beginning of, what I call, an attempt at stealing my faith, joy, patience, etc.

The kiosk spit out a ticket that said to see a counter agent. The reason on the ticket said something along the lines of: Initial luggage check mismatch. Greeeat. The 1st lie entered, “My luggage is going to get lost.” Another lie, “You’re not going to make it on time to catch your ride back home.”

I then proceeded to find the counter, which required me to exit through customs and have to re-enter security, another large drain on my limited time. I’m getting stressed just typing this out, lol. I had around 2, so I initially figured my timing was ok.. until I noticed the sea of people at the KLM counter. I would guesstimate around 75 in line ahead of me.

So, I finally make it to the counter.. They said something like, “Early this morning, Delta’s flight to Detroit was delayed, and they have re-booked many onto your flight, which caused an overbooked situation. We’re overbooked by 9 people, so you are on stand-by. Go to the gate and check-in to get your seat number.”

I reach the gate and asked a man if he was a KLM service representative, he said, “No, security, but how can I assist?” And I explained my situation of being on stand-by.. That’s when he directed me to another guy who had a mobile computer station that he was checking people in at. This gate representative didn’t get me a seat #, he just tells me to wait for security’s interview/check-in, and then proceed to another counter. There as a huge group of people waiting for the security screening, I sat down for a a minute and decided to go to the bathroom.

This is when, what I call.. a spiritual wake-up call began. They are little reminders, little jolts, jabs to the conscience, etc. They speak, and say.. “Wake up sleepy Christian..” The Holy Spirit.. praise the Lord for my Helper… in a time of need, I was awoken from a slumber.. A slumber whereas the things of this world were my reality. But, I received a wake-up call. He cares for me.. He cares for you too..

On my way back to the gate’s seating area, I had to walk by the security guy that I spoke to earlier.. He stops me, “Hey, you’re on standby, right?” – “Ya, it’s looking like a mess.”- “Here, get in this line.. Do your security interview and see the lady at that counter..”, with a wink and a smile. It was the business class line.. the sky club member’s line.. something like that. It was the line for those that went through the security check first.. I get in line, go through my security interview, and I’m 2nd in line at the counter. I think, “Sweet!” – Ya.. not so much, yet..  The lesson isn’t over.

The 2 ladies in front of me were speaking with the representative, for what I believe was at least 30mins total. As I stood there and started to watch the time.. I became worried again. I’m standing there, and I watch all of the coach passengers complete their security interviews and move into the 2ndary gate seating. I didn’t speak a word, but I suppose the look on my face must have spoken many words. Another security guy walks up to me.. and hits me with the 2nd jolt of wake-up: “Don’t worry.. she’ll get to you soon. They’re working on a complicated situation..” – I reply, “Thank you for saying something, I need to be patient..”

That’s when I woke up.. “Don’t worry, be anxious for nothing.. Wake-up Christian.. ” Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

I took a deep-breath and prayed. I prayed a prayer of faith. “Lord, forgive me for my unbelief. I know you are with me”, then I spoke to all of these enemies that were attacking and consuming my being – Worry, anxiousness, stress, etc. “You are not my portion and are subjected to the authority of my Father in heaven. You are a defeated foe and are under His heel, in the name of Jesus. I am a child of God and you have no authority over me. Lord, I believe that you are with me and wherever you are, goodness follows. Lord, I do not understand what is happening here, but I believe that all things will work out for the good because you care for me.”

The conversation ahead of me begins to get wrapped up and I walk up to the counter. The lady immediate gets a phone call, then her walkie talkie.. then the phone again.. – A test. I take a deep breath.. “Thank you Lord..” – She takes my slip, explains the situation of the overbooked flight. Then, “The originally delayed flight to Detroit from 8am this morning is leaving 10mins after this flight. There is plenty of room and we’ll book you on it. I will give you an upgrade to comfort seating and a cash card for the inconvenience. Please go sit over there (in the original seating area) and we’ll come get you..”

There were further tests to my patience that took place while I waited.. I.e. the guy behind me in line sat down next to me, and is called back to the counter, gets his seat/ticket, and takes off to the other gate.  I sit there waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. as other people who were in line behind me at the 2ndary counter are heading off to the other gate, which is very close to boarding at this time.

I get called back to the counter. She hands me my ticket, an upgraded seat, a coupon book for around $100 off in items on my next flight (food, money off on next flight, etc).. and a visa cash card loaded with $400 on it.

Then, the flight I’m on lands at 3:15p in Detroit and my ride back home (bus) leaves at 3:45p. I get to the luggage carousel and it starts dropping luggage around 3:30p. I look over at the customs and 2 other planes just unloaded and the line was huge, and growing by the second. Then, my luggage wasn’t dropping.. I’m thinking, “It’s lost.” I start to worry again as I see all the passengers from my flight filling up the customs line even more. I stop myself and turn my back to the customs line.. and I say to myself, “No, God is with me. The line will be clear and I will get on my bus in time.” I refused to give these thoughts any room into my being and I avoided the temptations of the eyes.. I relaxed and waited for my luggage to drop.

My luggage dropped, I picked it up and walked over to the customs line that was now empty. I was 3rd next in line. I walk right through 2 sets of customs/security.. walk outside, walk up to the bus, check in.. walk on, the bus driver walks on after me.. she closes the door and drives off. :) Perfection. :)

There is more to this, but I have to run now.. I pray this blesses you.. and pray anyone who reads this realizes what they have as a child of God..


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