Raking Leaves with God

I find it amazing when we set our minds on things above, how we can see God in everything that we do and experience in life. Here is a blessed testimony of God and I raking leaves together. I pray this blesses you, in Jesus name, amen.

As I started raking leaves, my mind was traveling down thoughts of the world, life in general, etc. I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t enjoying myself, but I was just blah, without God. As I was trying to lay out the tarp, the wind kept kicking up and blowing the tarp. Thought: “Stupid wind.” Emotion: Frustrated and Stressed. Action: Tensed up. Such worldly thought patterns were going on for around 30min, then the Spirit jumped in. Praise God –

I thought worldly about the wind again, bam – “Am I not with you?” Hi Lord… There I was, cursing His creation. The conversation went something like this – “I’m cursing your wind God and here you are probably playing/having fun with me like a Father would.” – “No, I wouldn’t make this difficult for you. I’m helping you.” Peace…

Instead of a feeling from the flesh like the wind was working against me, the situation was now transformed – God is with me, helping me. As I continued blowing and raking leaves, the wind was at my back, helping to move the leaves along. The lesson continued..

As I continue, I see a bunch of dandelion leftovers, and I think about how the yard was full of them earlier in the summer. My initial reaction was, I should have sprayed them. I hear “I created and saw that it was good. Who taught you that they are bad?” Good question Lord. The weed killer companies and the world taught me that they are bad. Yes, they are beautiful Lord.. Thank you.

dandelion of GodJob 12:7-8 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

Things started to get really fun from there. As I’m lugging large tarps to the edge of the woods. I’m huffing and puffing, I pray “Lord, I’m losing my breath, I need help.” He says, “I am the Breath of Life.” I smile. I’m picking up sticks, I hear “I am the Branch.” As I hear this and I’m picking up a branch, one snaps and I see the broken area, “Grafted in..” I look at the sun light, “I am the Light.” I start to thirst, “Come to me all ye who thirst, I am the Living Water.” As I am raking leaves into the tarp, God is also blowing them in with His blessed wind.

Towards the end I’m getting tired as I lug the last tarp of leaves. I almost stop, but I pray, “Lord, I need strength to finish.” – “I am your strength.” A gust of wind blows hard, which caused a draft under the tarp, it became as light as air. Hallelujah! When I felt the tarp lift up, my first reaction was “Oh no, the tarp is going to tip over with all the leaves in it, so I stopped. I heard, “I’m helping you.” I laugh.

What a beautiful day with the Lord outside. Thank you Lord for the lessons, the tarp, the leaves, the blower, the rake, your help and yes, the dandelions too. :) Love you too.

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