All the glory to God!

Who am I?
Well, I’m just a regular joe. A person who was once lost in sin, drug use, etc. and I am now found. Praise the Lord. My name is Joseph and I reside in central Michigan. I’m a man after God’s heart and seek to fully surrender to Him, crucifying the flesh, a living sacrifice, to be wholly and pleasing to the Lord. I’m basically a follower of Jesus Christ. Outside of that, I really don’t have much to say about myself.

Why this blog?
Many years ago, the Lord began to reveal Himself to me in those situations where we say “Wow, that was weird! What a coincidence!” as well as some hair standing.. goose bump flowing situations. Even though they continued for many years, I chose to only recognize/see this ‘burning bush’, but I never turned aside to take a look at it. I’m a very factual/analytical person and I over analyze just about everything. This, in addition to the love towards my sins (a hardened heart), caused many years of delay.  Praise God He never ceased working w/ me, praise God.  Eventually, I turned aside to take a look at this burning bush, and boy oh boy.. He started to speak to me even more.  When I asked Him “Why me? Why are you showing me these things? Why this guy?” He said many times.. To reveal them. So now, as He reveals, I reveal His testimonies, answered prayers, teachings, etc.

What’s next?
I try my best to not look forward as I’m commanded not to. It almost always brings upon worry, stress, anxiety, but most importantly, these things are essentially disbelief/underdeveloped faith. Prayerfully, I go to the Lord and ask Him where to go next. As He guides, I pray that without fail, I am obedient to follow Him.

When I have asked Him where I am to go, what am I to do, He has over and over again said “Egypt”. When I would pray and say “Lord, are you saying go to Egypt?”, I would get flood with more visions/signs of Egypt.  Confirmations were plentiful, thus it is without a doubt that the Lord is saying “Egypt”. I almost bought a plane ticket, but after talking to a Pastor, he said something like: “Joe, Egypt is considered the world.  I believe the Lord is telling you that He’s sending you out into the world”.  Now, when I really started to pay attention, He was saying “Educate yourself”.  When I looked at bible colleges and such, doors kept closing. One day I looked down at my bible and He said “Amen. Educate yourself.”  During the last couple of years in study/training, I continued to question my direction and He keeps saying “Wait, Patience, etc”.  I see that this is because He is transforming me, teaching, and getting this flesh burned off.

So that’s about it.. He said Egypt, I looked and He said educate yourself, so I am. I looked again, He said wait, so I am. I’m currently seeking Him for my next instructions. We shall see.

I feel the unction to place a prayer here for everyone.  Father God, I thank you for the things that you reveal to me and I thank you for the strength to continue to seek you out and obey.  I thank you for the means to reveal these things.  Father, I want to pray for the readers of this blog. Lord, I pray that you guide readers to this blog that are in need to hear from You.  I pray that Your words and Your words alone are spoken.  Father, always fill me up from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, fill my mind, and let my fingers type only the things You want said.  Lord, restrict my mind and fingers from anything that is not of you. Finally Lord, I pray that all seeds of your Word that your creation comes across on this blog are planted deep within their hearts and protected from the evil one who wants to snatch them out.  Let the seeds take root on fertile ground. Prepare the hearts now Lord so that the seeds fall on good soil. You are the Tiller.. The Vinedresser… Help us Helper, Guide us Guider, Protect us Protector, Provide for us Provider, Comfort us Comforter and Save us Savior!  In Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you and yours.  May the Lord’s face shine upon you and may He keep you,


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