Signs from God on Egypt

Signs from God of Egypt – I’m once again getting hit with signs from God about Egypt. As I receive guidance from God, I’ll update this message. I prayed one night around 1-2 weeks ago, “God, did I miss your original signs on Egypt? Please guide me if I did..”

No one but God and I knew that I prayed the night before about the signs of Egypt. Also, no one has known that Egypt has been on my heart for a bit now. Egypt has been in the back of my mind for around 5 years. I felt that I missed His original message. I thought I should pray on it, and I did.

The next morning after praying, my sister commented on a post in this blog. This post is buried many many pages deep and was posted around 3 years ago. The post, her comment, and my response can be found here: Shalom. She has no idea how she came across the post. So ya, the next morning, this comment from my sis –

God egypt and signs

She said: “I remember when you wanted to go to Egypt. Wasn’t that around 1995ish?” – This was completely out of the blue and she doesn’t recall how she came across the article on my blog. She had thought it was a recent post, but it wasn’t.

Then, another sign from God on Egypt. I did a bible study at the homeless shelter. A lady had a tattoo. I asked what it was, she said “A symbol from Egypt.” For the next few days after that, I was getting hit with signs about Egypt from the Lord. Finally, a brother’s blog that I follow has a new post last night on Egypt. “A longing for Egypt“. So God has my attention again on this Egypt thing.

I sought out the advice of this brother on this ongoing sign of Egypt from God. He said – “Your name and this subject is weird isn’t..” I hadn’t really put much thought into it, but the story in the bible about Joseph and Egypt struck a cord. Then the brother said: “Egypt has been an instrument of deliverance for the people of Israel by way of Joseph.” I paused to dwell on this and was thinking about my name and its meaning. At the moment I was dwelling on “Joseph”, a pop up on my screen comes up. It was a chat message from another brother. All he said was 1 word – Joseph. This brother also has no clue about what was going on. A confirmation from God. Thank you Lord.

Then, as I was responding to the original brother’s email, I was typing to him about what I just explained had happened (the other brother’s chat message and God’s confirmation on “Joseph”). As I finished typing about Joseph and the confirmation, and started to type the next sentence, another pop-up on my screen (New email notification). It says “Yosef Z, you have a new notification..” For those who don’t know, the name Joseph is derived from the Hebrew name Yosef. It means God shall add, may He add. There was a website that I had donated to in the past, and I used Yosef Z as my nickname. They send email notifications once per month. This one was perfect timing God. Another confirmation.

That’s where I currently stand. I’ll update this message as the Lord starts to reveal to me what He is saying. I’m praying on this and if any readers don’t mind, I could use some help. I could use discernment to hear from God, hear/see His direction, guidance, and for it to be crystal clear to me on what He is tying to say. And also, to stand against any principalities of darkness that will try to confuse, deceive, and distract me. Thank you so much. In love – joseph