Sunlight and Flowers from God

God’s Flowers and Sunlight

This evening, I came across an old journal I use to write in and this testimony from God was found. I can’t speak for everyone, but God speaks to me and through His glorious creation, such as animals, sunlight, the wind, flowers, and so on. Here is an example of an awesome sign and testimony from God. This happened around 4 years ago. I pray it blesses and edifies, in Jesus name. Amen –


One day at work, I was extremely stressed after a conference call.  I felt that my new boss didn’t appreciate my years of experience. We just ended a conference call pertaining to a topic that I had experienced in the past. He made a decision that failed once before, it was not cost effective. While trying to explain a better solution to save money, he didn’t want to hear it and made the decision. This was becoming a repeated situation with the new boss and this situation got to me.

I decided to go outside to clear my mind.  I went to the back of the building by the loading dock and I leaned up against a metal railing. My mind was going 100 mph. I recall saying in my self-talk, “My boss doesn’t appreciate me.”  Then another thought came into my mind. I thought that this kind of thinking is not healthy and God doesn’t want this for me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep cleansing breath. During my exhale, I thought to myself, “Ya, but God appreciates me.” At the very moment I thought this, with my eyes still closed, the darkness behind my eyelids lit up with the sunlight breaking through the clouds.  I could feel God’s sunlight touching me, kinda like He was saying, “‘thatta boy!”.  I kept my eyes closed and started to smile. The sunlight started to get more intense through my eye lids. It was getting brighter and brighter. The sunlight was warming my face and I could feel it getting hotter. God’s glorious creation.

A gust of wind blew and I thanked God.  I opened my eyes.. the sunlight was very bright. It was as if I was in heaven. The ungodly thoughts completely vanished as if they never existed. They were replaced with a filling of peace, joy, and contentment.

Roughly 15-20 yards infront of me was a tree. When I opened my eyes, I watched a ball of leaves fall out of the tree.  I was smiling and I said to God, “Let me guess, you’re going to blow those over to me (like a gift of flowers)?”  As I said this, another gust of wind kicked up and His flowers tumbled towards me. I watched them tumble until they stopped. The flowers stopped where I stood, directly between my feet. Praise God. I picked them up, cherished them, and thanked the Lord for His gift.


Thank you God for this testimony. You are always with us. Thank you for your creation. Thank you for your sunlight, flowers, animals, birds, wind, stars, moon, all the creepy crawly things of the ground and air, and most importantly, thank you for your Son. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for life! Thank you for your Spirit. Thank you God, bless you… bless the trinity.

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