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Testimony of Hearing from God

Why me? I use to ask God that question all of the time. Why? Why do you bother with me? Why is it that I experience these ‘coincidences’? He repeatedly responded, “Reveal them.”

It’s because He loves His creation, that’s why. He loves me, He loves you.. He loves all of us. Thank you God for this testimony about hearing from you. I pray it goes forth and edifies and encourages the body, in Jesus name. amen –

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Posted by J - 02/14/2011 at 5:41 PM

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Testimony – How I hear from God

Yesterday, I was looking around for others who blog about how they hear from God. There is a deep desire to fellowship with those that are also experiencing God and hear from Him. I found a great article located here. Trevor Lund gives some excellent examples with scripture on how to hear from God.

Then, last night I was talking with my cousin on the phone (he is a photographer and is involved in nature a lot). He shared how he experiences God in nature and likewise, I shared some testimonies of how I hear from God through nature.

This leads me up to this testimony that took place a couple of hours ago. It is very hard to expose my wickedness openly on a blog, but it is for the glory of God, to reveal Him, and I am confessing my sinful man. Regardless, this is another testimony of how I hear from God through nature. In order to do so, blinders must be removed – Eyes to see –

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Posted by J - 07/10/2010 at 6:02 PM

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