Testimonies of the Week

Although hard to share some of these testimonies, it is only the pride of life that is concerned. The Spirit wills to glorify God and honor Him. I pray my walk with God blesses and encourages you, in Jesus Christ name. amen.

Below are 3 testimonies from this week that were uploaded to my Rumble channel. To save your inbox from too many emails (and to save $), I decided to post to my website weekly, but I’ll communicate them as they happen on Rumble. My channel can be subscribed to here.

Testimony of Death to Self – July 13, 2021 The Lord guiding me further to understand his nature that I’m experiencing. Going down the rabbit hole..

Testimony of Wavering Faith – July 14, 2021 Wisdom gained pertaining to my previous video. Woken up by the Lord for a 6a prayer meeting, which used James 1:2-8. Then moved to my emailed daily devotion after the meeting – James 1:6-7. He’s teaching me to trust in Him and cease looking for validation from men.. repenting from a wavering faith.

Testimony of God’s Guidance – July 16, 2021 Another immediate word from God after testing his grace with 2 sins.

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