Testimony – Bible Giveaway

Thank you Lord for another testimony of your grace and glory. In Christ, amen.

Around this time last year, the Lord blessed me with the resources and opportunity to purchase some bibles on the cheap. This was its own testimony. The website I ordered from had their price incorrectly marked, but they honored it. Then, they gave a discount for ministry and tossed in free shipping. Praise God. The lady said “You’ll never see these bibles this cheap again.” Ya right, I have a BIG God –

He is blessing me with bibles for ministry much cheaper nowadays – Free! Blessed be the Lord. At any rate, around a year later, there are still a few cases left. I spoke to the Lord about them and desired giveaway opportunities. Last week, He answered, twice. Praise God.

Our local church has a Reachout center where they give out food, clothing, etc. to those in need. I took a case of bibles up there and have checked once in a while on how the giveaway was going. They were going very slow. Then last week, I bumped into a sister from the church, she said, “Hey, we ran out of bibles, do you have any more? Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a major increase in people who are interested in the bibles.” ha, that’s my God! El Chay! He’s not done though.. haha

Out of the blue, I get an email (also last week) from a stranger in Arkansas: “Do you know where I can find some cheap bibles? Our small local church is struggling and they need some bibles. I also want to get some out in ministry work.” haha. Praise God. Bible giveaway is in motion. Thank you Lord. (Wow, I originally thought the email was from a complete stranger, but it is from a fellow blogger, Tawana. I just now found that out, I thought all week it was a stranger. Wow, the Lord works in such cool ways).

Oh, and I had to share this story from a fellow blogger. It’s where I got the above picture from. I love good reads like that. Stirs up a godly Joy in the soul. Thanks for the picture friend – Orange County Pastor


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