Testimony – Bibles

Here is another beautiful testimony from God, 2 of them about bibles.

A cpl months ago, I was seeking bible donations so I could use them in ministry work.  An old co-worker on facebook seen my request and emailed me a few weeks ago letting me know she picked up a cpl of bibles at a garage sale.  We worked it out for her to drop them off the next time she was going through Lansing.  Here we have the testimony of the bibles, enjoy! When she dropped them off, she said that she hoped they could be used.  I said something along the lines of “So far, the Lord has put me in situations where all donated bibles have been given away pretty quick.  I trust that He’ll put them to use tonight at the homeless shelter’s bible study.”  She gave me 2 bibles, one regular NIV and a small pocket NT w/ Psalms and Proverbs.

Well.. Guess what?  Praise God..  Here’s the testimony – He sends 2 to the bible study that night.  A man and his 13yr old son.  The man asked “Do you have a bible?”  Ha!  How great is He?!!  I sat the 2 donated bibles out along with another one, and said take your pick.. He grabbed the one NIV that she donated, and his son grabbed the smaller one she donated.

And that is the testimony of the bibles. Praise GOD!


Ooh, another testimony about bibles! Amazing is He! 2 days later, I went to a life-line to pray for an hour.  As I was getting stuff out of the back seat of the car, the Spirit moved me to grab a cpl of bibles just in case I come across someone.  (This just happened the other day, heard the Spirit and obeyed. See this recent post: Obeying the Spirit.) I started to grab a couple, then I put them back. I thought to myself – “I’m going to go pray, I won’t come across anyone while praying.”  But the Spirit moved again, and I obeyed and grabbed a couple..then put them in my jacket.  As I was walking over to the life-line w/ our crowd, a man was sitting outside a restaurant on some steps at the side of the building.  He looked to be on break (had an apron on… appeared to be the cook).  The Spirit said.. Go talk to him.  I walked up to him and started talking for a sec about what we were doing.  I pulled a bible out of my pocket and said “Do you need a bible?” and the look on his face was so cool.. And he said “Ya.  Ya, I could use one.”  Oh wow…   The look.. it was that LOOK..  Like.. “How is this possible? How did you know?” Praise Praise PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!  EL CHAY!!!

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