Testimony – Food for Jack

Ha, another beautiful testimony from God! My freezer is going out and I needed to start getting rid of some food before it went bad.  I had 2 fillets of salmon that were starting to defrost so I called a friend to see if he wanted some food.  He said he’d take them and was very joyous and thankful.  When I got to his house and dropped them off… He just had a big smile and that LOOK in his eye.. “Joe, you don’t know what a blessing this food is…”  I laughed and said “Ya know, God has been very much involved in situations lately, I know this is of God.”  He just had this grin, ear to ear…and kept saying, “Thank you.. Bless you..  Thank you..”  Man, I love your testimonies Lord. I love revealing your grace and love! All the glory to God.  Praise God.

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