Testimony – God Heals

Well, this testimony is interesting!  Praise God for His provision, His guidance, and His help. God heals!

Around 5-6 weeks ago, I had this terrible stomach pain. It felt like an airlock/an air bubble. I barely could push in on the side of my stomach without a pain level hitting me of around 7-8. Very uncomfortable. Around the 2week mark, I felt a word of knowledge come from God.. “Fast”. I believed it was from Him in order to heal me, so I fasted for around a day.. it went away the next day. Praise God, He heals!

So now, fast forward to late last week. the pressure/pain comes again. I’m thinking of fasting again since God healed me last time! While deciding what to do, a friend sends me a bible verse in Timothy. As I begin to read, I start to think about my stomach and how I should try guzzling a bunch of water to flush it out (I did this last time, it didn’t work..but figured I would try drinking more this time?). Just as the thought of drinking more water comes to mind (ya, sometimes my mind wanders while reading), I start to read this verse: 23 No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.

The next day, my designed daily reading (read the bible in a year plan) brings me to 1Tim5 again. At this time, I did not realize the above verse was in my daily reading too. As I  got closer to the verses, I realized it was coming up. Just as I read the verse again, my stomach starts to gurgle. No gurgling before this at all… no gurgling after. So I’m like.. Ok God, I received your confirmation to heal.  Thank you.

I have no wine around the house, but the next day I had a Christmas party w/ my family. When I arrived, I asked if there was any red wine. My aunt had a bottle stored away. The next day, my stomach pain was around 50% gone. It was 100% gone the following day (yesterday). God heals. What a blessed testimony, thank you Lord.

Ya know, for anyone reading this blog and they aren’t sure if God exists.. Not sure about Jesus. Just seek Him w/ all your heart. He will reveal Himself if you look through the eyes of the spirit. Here’s something I wrote yesterday on a different blog… Take heed…

Regardless of how we view a situation, we can be at peace in knowing that God is always in control. It may not feel good, it may appear to be a bad situation.. but we can find rest/peace when we trust that He’s got it. Do we see His work or do we see what our thoughts and emotions are trained to see?

Jer29:13 And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

We won’t see these things unless A: We believe. B: We repent. C: We accept Jesus as our Savior.  D: We draw near to the Lord (and He will then draw near to us) E: We look at the world through the eyes of the Spirit.

When we do the above-mentioned, you will see God working.  All of those “weird” things.. and those “coincidences”?  It’s Him. How can someone think about someone that they haven’t talked to in 5yrs.. and have that person call the next day and say “I was just thinking of you yesterday”?  How?  It’s One Spirit. One Body. One God. Look up the word coincide, which is the root of coincidence.  Oneness.

He’s there.. He’s alive and well. The Spirit of God was roaming across the waters of the earth in the beginning..  No where in the bible does it say He stopped roaming. He is the Living God. He acts and is present in our lives… regardless if you see Him or not, God is here..  God is here.  God is here.

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