Testimony – Humbled by 2 old co-workers

Talk about humility.. Boy oh boy..

2 old co-workers and the grace of God humbled me twice in the past few days..  I’ll try to keep this short and to the point.

Ex-coworker #1: I talk to this gentleman maybe once or twice every 6mo or so.  Recently, he asked me how the job search was going.  I told him about a job that’s looking promising, but I was concerned about my last interview w/ the CEO.  I didn’t have a suit and they have a professional dress code.  He said “You have helped me out in the past.. go to JC Penny and pick yourself out a suit and I’ll pay for it.”  Sheeesh. I was left speechless.  Sow and reap… Amazing grace, how sweet it is.. Humbled.

Ex-coworker #2: This gentleman has been on my heart for many years.  I had to terminate him and out of all of the terminations I’ve had to do, this one stuck with me.  He was a humble man and he shouldn’t have been terminated, but I had to do the dirty work.  I tried to encourage my boss to keep him but was unsuccessful as we were overstaffed and they needed to thin things out.  Ya, management is like that sometimes.  Anyways, out of all the terminations I have ever done.. this one remained with me.  So a couple of days ago on facebook (oddly, at the same time ex-coworker #1 and I were in discussions), I came across his name when he commented on a mutual friend’s posting.  I started to type up an email to him, letting him know these feelings and that I apologize… but I felt like it may stir up some bad emotions, so I deleted the email and didn’t say anything.

God is amazing.  Today, I’m out having coffee reading some scripture.  I was filled and felt that God had something planned for this moment in my day.  I wasn’t sure what, but had that unction.  Then, as I’m finishing up my study, closing up my books… I was looking for some scripture related to fire not burning His children.  I read IS43.  The one part of the passage that really popped out to me was:

4 Since you were precious in My sight,
You have been honored,
And I have loved you;
Therefore I will give men for you,
And people for your life.

This lined up with that “feeling” I had… The feeling was related to coming across someone… and healing.  Then I read this, and I truly believed that someone was suppose to come across my path.  I had an extra bible with me, along with some scriptural paperwork.. thinking I would be giving this out to someone.  Of course, He barely works the way that “I think” He will…

So, here’s the finale..  I walk out of the coffee shop.  As I walk out, my car is left.. just down the street.  I felt pulled to the right.  It’s hard to explain this “pull”, but I felt something.. Go right.  I looked right, and there were a pile of birds.. I see God’s glory..  I.e..A burning bush.. so I turn aside to see.  I start walking down the street.. I see a cpl different signs in different business’ windows about healing… I ‘feel’ – Yep, on the right path, confirmations.  I get down to the corner and across the street at the gas station is this ex-coworker #2.  Healing.  I walk up, we have a conversation.. I apologize..  He forgives me.  I’m humbled…..

*heavy sigh*…… I pray I get more opportunities to heal relationships…  In Jesus name, Amen.

Praise the Lord God Almighty. Thank you Lord… thank you..

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