Testimony – Obedience and blessings

Praise God that He continues to persevere and have patience with me.  Praise Him for His never ending love.  Blessed be the Lord Jesus.  Thank you Lord.. Thank you for sacrificing yourself for my sins.  I love you too.  He’s teaching me that obedience is very important.  He has allowed satan to sift me, repeatedly, on the same topics in my life.  I have found that these repeated areas are the lesson, that must be learned. Now don’t get me wrong, we must not look at obedience in a fashion to gain blessings.. That’s selfishness and not a heart for God. When I speak about received blessings, a blessing is a result of having a right heart for God.. Having a right heart for God will result in obedience, out of love for Him and reverence.. which results in blessings. If the blessings are first then it is the me-first mentality versus God first.

I have had a challenge with a certain sin that has repeatedly come up in my life, a lack of obedience.  I was quenching the Spirit because I like what I did more than I liked obeying Him.  Thank you for forgiving me Lord.  I found that it boiled down to just heeding His voice.  It was a matter of choice..  Choose obedience to God or disobey.  He has been trying to teach me this over and over.. He has given me the “outs” every  time.  And even though I have noticed the outs almost single time, I chose to grieve the Spirit.. I did this cuz I loved what I was doing more than Him.  Ugh, that’s hard to confess, but I had to confess it to Him.  It’s Truth.

At any rate, here is a testimony or 2. I was going through the same cycle of this sin.  My self-talk said “You’re good now.  You’re more filled.. You’re stronger now.  He’s with you.  You can do this.”  Ah, then the sword of the Spirit came into my thoughts..”Take heed lest you fall…”  Then I heard the Lord say… “Remember…. Remember all of these previous times… You said the same thing and sinned every single time.  These are memorials and they are there for a reason.  What makes you think this time is any different that the previous ones?”  DING, the light went off.  I have continued to sin in this area because I kept deceiving myself into thinking I was strong enough to overcome.  This time, I knew better, with the Helpers help.  Blessed be our Guide.  So, I chose obedience.  Bam, the very next morning, 3 prayers were answered. Blessings.

This happened a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t remember all 3.  1 was for a brother in-Christ who helped me come to the Lord.  He was falling and then he ended up MIA.  I couldn’t reach him for around 6mo.  I kept praying for the Lord to help bring him back to Him.  Bam, 6:30 the next morning, he called.  “Joe. I’m back with Christ.”  Praise God!  The other, also for months, I was praying for a family member to draw near to the Lord. I talk to this family member that day, bam, he starts talking about the Lord.. about faith, etc.  I didn’t have to do anything.. God did it (that’s another topic on its own).  I don’t recall the 3rd one, i should have blogged about it when it was fresh.  I do remember 3 prayers answered the next morning.. Obedience and blessings.

This happened again last week.  An email went out to the Body at our church.  A brother in-Christ who cannot see needed a ride to the dentist.  I’m laid-off and had the time.. but I didn’t want to do it.  The Lord showed me that if it’s something “I” don’t want to do, then do it.  lol.  The night before the dentist appointment, I was convicted.. I called him out of obedience “Do you still need a ride?”  He said “Praise God! Yes I do.”  The next morning, I pick him up.  He was going to a community college to have his teeth cleaned.  I told him that I’ve tried to get in there for a cleaning but they are so backed up and are not returning my calls.  I dropped him off and decided I would go in and talk to them when I came back to pick him up.  As I drove off… I get a call from the receptionist at the clinic from my friend’s cell phone: Blessings: “We have an opening today at 3pm.. If you can make it, we’ll knock $10 off”.  Praise God! But He’s better than $10 off.. I said blessings.. not a kind gesture, haha: I show up, they do the initial examination.. and then the instructor comes over.  She checks out my teeth and said that they are having a hard  time filling 24 slots for the student’s final exams.  They only have 12 filled.  She said my teeth perfectly fit the criteria for one of these slots.  She said that if I agree to it, all of the xrays they just took and the cleaning will be free of charge.  Of course I accepted. 

Obedience (hearing a doing) results in blessings.  Hearer and a doer. See somewhere around James 1:24. When I disobey the voice of the Lord, I separate myself from God.  When I hear His voice and know what He wants me to do… I have to force myself to be in obedience, regardless of what I want to do. That’s a heart towards God and we will surely receive blessings. He says so.

Is He good or is He good?  I so love you Lord.. thank you for helping me. This testimony of how obedience and blessings work can be witnessed in a real-life situation here as well: Faith in God’s provision

God bless you and yours,


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