Testimony – Obeying the Spirit

Here is a great testimony about how God works and blesses situations when we obey the Spirit. Last Sunday, I’m sitting in a restaurant studying..  and I can over hear a few tables over a conversation about God, scripture, etc.  I got done eating and started to get up to leave, and the Spirit said to go over and talk to them.  I felt pulled to them..  (love for the brethren).  My self said – naw, just get outta here.. got stuff to do.

Praise God for the strength to stick to obeying the spirit.  I walk over to the table and said something like “I couldnt’ help but overhearing the conversation about the Lord and scripture and I was just pulled to you guys…I’m just obeying the Spirit.  Mind if I sit down and converse with ya?”  The man (and I assume his wife) looked over at a lady sitting on the other side the booth from them and he said “well, we’re in the middle of ministering w/ our sister here, but you’re welcome to sit down for a sec.. pull up a chair.”

So, I pull up a chair and was just saying hi and such.  The man said he use to be a pastor.. and asked if I had anything the Spirit wants me to share? Like a quick testimony?  And I started to flow a testimony of what the Lord did in the past year of my life.. How idols of relationship, career, money, friends, etc. were, by the grace of God, knocked down from the forefront of my life so I stood alone…so I could see Him standing there.

As I started to say these things.. how God came in and knocked down the worldly idols… The pastor started to gaze at the woman across the table..  during a couple of the idols I mentioned that the Lord knocked down.. He kept looking at her with that look.  A look like… Can you believe this?  I looked at the woman, and she had tears streaming down.  By the looks I saw, and the tears, I can pretty much guarantee she was in the same boat… She was where I was a year ago.. I guarantee it.  And I said… “But I count it all joy!  Because behind all those things was the Lord standing… and I couldn’t see Him without these things in my way.” Praise God for obeying the Spirit!

And man… what a quick awesome testimony.  He asked if I’d pray for her.. I did…  Then we talked for another minute or 2.  He asked what I do, and told him whatever the Lord has me do.. I’m doing things for ministries, for churches, etc.  I started to tell him about a pastor from Germany I’m doing stuff for, and he knew him… He said he just talked to him on the phone the previous day (I also talked to this pastor that day).  So anyways, he invited me to his church tomorrow morning to give a testimony.  And I left.

Update: Went to the church and it was a pastoral meeting, not a “service” as I had thought.  It went great.  I let them know about about our mutual friend (the Pastor) and his prayer meeting the next night.  I received a call today, from our mutual Pastor friend, and he thanked me for the individuals who showed up there.  No idea what God has done (and/or what He is planning to do), all I know is that it is good.

So more to follow on this one I’m sure of it… (Update: I’ve had a relationship with a group of guys from this meeting for over a year now. We spend time helping each other out and studying together. Praise God for obeying the Spirit!!!)

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