Testimony of God Providing

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I can’t use that verse enough. Praise God. Blessed be the Lord God who provides. Here is a testimony of God providing needs through the Body of Christ. Even though I was able to take care of these things on my own, God still worked through others. Praise God, thank you Jesus. Adonai-yireh! God is good. I pray this blesses and encourages you, in Jesus name. Amen –

New Laptop from God

The first testimony of God providing is a new laptop. My laptop has hung in there for a while. It has a broken hinge and a lose wire some where on the inside that caused the screen to go black once in a while. One day, as I was meeting with a brother in-Christ, he accidentally hit my laptop screen and it slammed down. He thought he broke it, lol. I told him about the hinge and we laughed. He said, “I have a feeling the Lord will provide a new laptop in your future.”

Around 2 weeks later, the power cord to the laptop wasn’t working well. I had to keep wiggling it in order to keep a power connection. Heh, I had masking tape strapped around it just to keep a connection. I bought a new power supply, no go. It was an internal connection with the power source. So, I backed up some stuff and emailed a few brothers to let them know that I may be unable to complete some ministry tasks until I figure out a solution.

Then I get an emailed response from that brother. Something like – “Send me the specs of what you would like. God has laid on my heart to buy you a laptop.” Man… praise God! I sent him the info and here I am, typing on a new laptop. It doesn’t stop there, as all things work together for the good, for those that love God and are called according to His purpose –

Around the same time this is going on, a brother in-Christ was thinking about buying a laptop for ministry work. God laid on my heart to offer the other one to him. Man, God is good. I felt like it would cost him too much money to have it fixed and a new laptop would be a better option, but I offered it anyways because it was on my heart to do so. After I explained the challenges and possible costs to him, he said, “I have a friend who is a computer tech who has offered many times to do whatever he can to help the ministry, for free. I’m going to bring it to him.” God is good. This guy should have a fixed up laptop, and I have a replacement. All things work together.. Praise God.

New Tires from God

The car was getting to the point of needing new tires. There was a bad tie-rod that wore down the edges of the tires. I finally got it fixed, but the car still needed new tires. A friend at Church saw them a couple of weeks ago and he asked what size they were because he has some at home that may fit (they didn’t). But he encouraged me to get them done before I have an accident. I said something like “Ya, I know. I’m praying on it. God will provide.”

Tuesday night, as I was on my way to a bible study, I felt the Lord’s unction again. “It’s time to get new tires.” When the unction was felt, I decided that the next day I was buying tires. When I arrived at the bible study, the brother who I offered to give the laptop to was there. He pulled me aside as he wanted to talk. He said something like, “The Lord laid on my heart a couple of weeks ago to buy you new tires for your car. I have delayed in responding. Here you go.” He handed me a check to help cover the costs of new tires. Sheesh. I went yesterday and bought new tires. The blessings didn’t stop there though with the tires –

When I was calling around for pricing, a good price was found at a place I have gone to for a few years. I told the guy on the phone about this donation, and he said “Tell ya what I’ll do, I’ll knock some off the price.” Man, when it flows, it flows. When they were taking my car in, I questioned about the warranty on the tires. They said that because of the mechanical wear, they probably will not be covered, but they will let me know. As they were working on the car, I prayed and asked God for additional help with the price. When the car was done, I went up to the counter to pay and asked whether any of the tires were covered under warranty. The guy showed me how each tire had mechanical wear and that Cooper won’t cover them. Then he says, “But tell ya what, I’ll knock a little more off for ya.” He took off another $40. Praise God

Humbled by God

This wasn’t looked at only as blessings from God, a testimony, etc. When He says “all” things work together for the good, I also seek out personal lessons. These things that happened this week have humbled me considerably. See, I could have handled these things on my own, but God was speaking to other people’s hearts to help, as well as speaking to me on my old laptop for this brother. Man, I love God and He loves me. He has always taken care of me.

The lesson for me is Faith in God. I may not know why God is doing things, how He is doing them, or the timing of when things will take place, but I can always find peace in knowing that He is ultimately in control. Even though things of this world may be in front of my eyes and distracting me, behind them there is an ultimate plan by God, and it is good. I can always trust and have faith that these distractions are only that, distractions. God is good, good, good.

Adonai-yireh – Jehovah Jireh – The Lord Provides

A quick word on “The Lord will Provide”. Earlier, I did research on the name of God, Adonai-yireh. It has a few different spellings. Christianity bibles have Jehovah Jireh, others replace the J’s with Y’s because the Jewish alphabet does not have any J’s. Thus, we can also have Yehovah Yireh. I have also witnessed Yahweh Yireh. When looking at this, it seems the original context from the Jewish Torah is Adonai-yireh (The Lord will see, The Lord will see to it). This is translated further into “The Lord will provide.” Only in the Christian bibles do we find Jehovah Jireh, but it is pretty much the same thing.

A Jewish translation from the Torah (Genesis 22:14) –

14 And Abraham named that site Adonai-yireh, whence the present saying, “On the mount of the Lord there is vision.”

In God I trust.. Thank you Lord. I may not understand all, but you see and know all. You know what you’re doing and how it is good for us. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. haha. Thank you Lord, love you too. Thank you for the brethren, the Body of Christ, your Son, and the Holy Spirit. All glory, praise, honor and thanks to God Almighty.

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