Testimony of Grandfather’s Last Words

Here is a testimony of Grandfather’s last words that a friend emailed me. Amazing. Praise God –

I have to share a quick story with you. A very close friend just called me to tell me that his wife’s grandfather died. Here’s what he told me:

Her Aunt called the house and said that grandpa was about to pass away, and that if she wanted to say goodbye, it was time. They packed up their 3 kids, and headed into Traverse City (30 min).

They caught every single light green going through town, then they found a parking spot right near the front doors of the hospital. When they hit the elevator button, the doors opened with two seconds. They made it all the way to the seventh floor without having the elevator stop. They walked into the room. (This all happens within a minute): She held her grandfathers hand and said her goodbyes. The family preacher was holding his other hand.

Now, the man suffered a stroke sixteen years ago and has been unable to speak, he only mumbles things that are hardly audible, and rarely at that. He pulls the preacher down to him, says in a perfectly clear voice: “I know the Lord.”, kisses him on the cheek, and died.

My friend–who is much like I was, always answering religion with science–believes that this all happened the way it did so that he could see it and understand that there is a God.

Like you say, Joe: What is coincidence.


1 a : to occupy the same place in space or time b : to occupy exactly corresponding or equivalent positions on a scale or in a series
2 : to correspond in nature, character, or function
3 : to be in accord or agreement

It’s an alignment of the Spiritual realm with the physical. Thank you friend for the testimony. May the Lord be magnified.

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