Testimony of Guidance

Howdy friends! Yes, it sure has been a while since I posted. I appreciate the concern by some who have emailed. Thanks for checking in on me, much appreciated.

All is well, very well. The Lord has really been doing a number on me over the past couple of weeks after the previous 2-3 posts. They were life changing events and I have been spending time talking with the Lord. At any rate, thank you for your concerns. Love you too. :)

This Testimony of Guidance was very nice today.. God’s perfect timing. It sure is weird how He accomplishes these things. Anyways, let me just get it out.

This morning, I was praying about a situation that was going on in life. I prayed to God on a decision that I felt needed to be made. I realized how my own understandings were just bombarding my mind, I was trying to figure it all out, etc.

So, I stopped thinking on the matter and said “Lord, you see what’s going on in my mind. I can only think of 3 different choices to make here. I need your help on which one to choose. I know I should have faith, but I don’t want to blindly take a step without your help.” .

As I’m on the highway today, I’m thinking about this again. I then thought to myself: “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” I felt peace from trusting Him and the situation exited my mind, praise God. The Christian song on the radio ends within a few seconds, and the announcer comes on – “Sometimes you just have to trust in the Lord your God with all thy heart, and lean not on your own understanding, and He shall direct your paths.” Amen.

I had to make a phone call and I was going through my cell to find a #. As I’m scrolling down in my list of #s, I glanced up at the highway and glanced back down. When I glanced back down, 1 of the people that had to do with one of the 3 choices, their name was on the screen: “<name>: Deleted” I look back up at the highway, back down to my phone, and the name that was now highlighted was another of the 3 choices. This was in my dialed or received calls list (not alphabetical list).. Interesting indeed! :)

I’ll let ya know how it turns out! Thank you Lord.


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