Testimony of Words

A quick word to the wise before I share this Testimony of Words –

It takes spiritual discernment in order to determine if something of this world is a sign from God or not. Our selfish view can deceive us into seeing something as from God only because we had a desire to see such a thing in the first place. If we can discern the words in our head and can recognize our selfish desires, then we will know when we are hearing from God or if we’re hearing the thing we want to hear. If we cannot recognize this, then I urge you, please be standoffish on anything that you may think is from God.. pray on it and ask for a confirmation.

If it’s God, it lines-up with His character and the Word. If you don’t know God’s character via His own Word, then you’re in big trouble on knowing what is from God and what isn’t. It’s like flippantly flipping through the bible to find a word from God. If we have a desire in our heart, then we will find what we are looking for. What we find will line-up with the view from the selfish desire. Then we’ll say “I got a word from God!” and we never did. All we did was found a way to justify our own desire. Be careful..

So here is the testimony. I was down one day and in tears. My soul was cast down because of losing something from the world. I was asking God for help. The next song starts on my music player.  –

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