Testimony – The Cross and Bibles

Here’s a fresh testimony!!!  I just walked in the door from heading over to the Family Christian book store.  Ha, the Lord is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!

During the week, I saw the movie – The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt story.  The story of a man that carried a wooden cross around the world over the past 40 years.  He just finished in 2009 and has a documentary out.  HIGHLY recommended.

Well, today, I was telling a friend about the Cross.. and we listened to a youtube clip of the movie together.  While watching, it lit me up again and I was compelled to get my own copy. So I started to search for it on the internet and was finding it for 19.95.  I found it again for around 15 + shipping. While searching, I came across the Christian book store so I decided to call the local store.  They had it in stock for 15.99.  I decided to go up and grab a copy up there.

The Cross is a documentary about a man who carried a 12′ cross around the world over the past 40yrs..  As I’m on the way to the store, I’m talking on the cell phone w/ a friend.. I was talking with her about how I really don’t have the money and I was doubting whether I should go buy the movie. As I’m driving,  my eyes take a gander to the side of the road… as soon as my eyes turned, they were immediately fixed upon a 12′ wooden cross.  Coincidence? Well, I’ve been down this road a 100 times (it’s a local road). There is no cross there.. but there was this day.

What I saw wasn’t a cross made by man, it was a perfect huge cross made within the branches of a couple of trees.  It was straight up and down..and a branch was perfectly across it perpendicular.  It’s hard to get across in words what it’s like…when you’re driving down the road, and your eyes just glance over..  and bam, my vision was immediately upon this cross as I’m driving around 40mph.  It was right next to the road formed by the trees.  If I hadn’t looked at that exact time, I would not have seen it.

Ok, so then I tell my friend on the phone “I just got my confirmation that I’m suppose to go get The Cross.” With the experiences He has blessed me with.. when I get a confirmation, I find it is wise to start watching and expecting the Lord to move further as the confirmation is a sign that I’m on the right path.  So I’m starting to expect He has plans for this movie I’m getting… I expect further blessings at the book store… I expect to come across a person that I need to speak with, etc.  I expect.. I have faith.  I’m looking for it.

I think it’s important that once we get a confirmation, to fully be expectant of the Lord. Put on the eyes of the spirit.  Expect, look… be watchful and pray.  I was watching, I was speaking to the Lord in my head.. I’m expecting Him to do something because of the confirmation.  So here it comes, His blessing shows up in the store… Bibles.

I go into the store.. I expect to find something I need for ministry work.  Something I can hand out.. etc.  I’m looking at their $5 sale items, seeing if I can find any cheap pocket bibles.. Nothing.  The register clears and the lady asks me if I’m interested in any of their $5 sale items.  I said no, that I was looking for their great deals on $5 pocket bibles.  She asked me why and I told her I do a bible study w/ the homeless and sometimes people like those verses the paperback/large bibles I give out.  One quick piece of information, almost every time I do this bible study, there are kids in there.  They always get an NIV paperback bible, but it always made me wonder if it’s too complicated for them.  Back to this lady.. “Do any kids show up at the shelter’s studies?”  Me, “Ya”.  She said, “Could you use any bibles for kids?”  I said “Ya, definitely..  what do you have?”  She said that they had a bunch of kid’s bibles donated and wanted to know if I needed any.  YA!  She said they are donating them to the Rescue mission in town and that I can have some for the homeless shelter studies!  I asked how much, she said free!  She goes around the corner, opens up a bag, and tosses in around $100+ worth of kid’s bibles..and tosses in a kid’s DVD movie. Praise God!

So here I am… around 5:15 pm, ready to head over to this week’s bible study at the shelter.  I expect more to happen from this. Nothing more may be seen with my eyes while on earth, but I know these bibles will bless a child out there.  I expect something to happen tonight.. and if not, it’ll be the next study or the one after that, or the one after that.  I may never know, but I expect!  I expect a child to get this movie.  I expect continued blessings..  Why?   Because He is who He says He is…He will do what He says He’ll do.. .and He fulfills all of His promises.  Amen.  Praise the Lord God Almighty.  He is GOOD GOOD GOOD.

There has been a followup to this blessing. Check it out here: Cross and Bibles followup

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