Testimony – The golden calf

I was telling this testimony to someone today, and I thought that I had blogged it.  It appears that I did not.  A wonderful testimony from above about the golden calf –

Most of my life, I did the Italian (Catholic?) thing… and kissed my golden cross after a prayer.  Around a year ago, I was reading exodus and the golden calf that Aaron molded while Moses was on the mountain.  I read how the Lord said to not make any molded/carved images and bow down before them.  But Israel disobeyed and molded a golden calf. After reading the story, I went to bed and begun to pray.  As I finished my prayer, I grabbed my cross and started to bring it up to my lips… and I stopped. A testimony from God –

I said “Lord, is this a golden calf that I am bowing before?”  I thought about it and started to get confused.  So I said “Lord, I don’t know..  All I know is that if it is not meant to be around my neck, you will make it so.”  I kissed the cross and laid it on my chest. As I closed my eyes, I felt the cross slip into my armpit.  Whew, reliving a testimony such as this sure does cause some goosebumps!  Any ways, I then grab the necklace and took a look at the clasp.  It was still secured on the chain, and the other end w/ the O-ring was still on the chain.  It literally was unhooked.  I said “Lord, I don’t know if that was you or a coincidence.  I’m going to put it back on, and if it was you.. I know it won’t go on.”  I then placed it around my neck and started to try to hook it together.  As I did this, the clasp broken off the chain and fell on the floor. A golden calf.

Needless to say, the cross is no longer on.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the cross as a memorial… but, we have to be careful.  To bow before it, kiss it, or praise/worship it in any manner, is bowing before a carved image in my book, which God commands us not to. This was a direct testimony and a real-time answered prayer by God Almighty. I have no intentions of wearing a cross again, bowing before one, or kissing one. I bow only to God Almighty, which may be in my church, in the living room next to my couch, kneeling next to my bed, or flat on my face only before God Almighty.

Thank you Lord for teaching me this… I love you. I pray this testimony and the lesson of a golden calf blesses someone else as well. Thank you Lord, in your name Jesus. Amen.

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